Cabo San Lucas Fish Report January 22nd – 28th


The FIW was taken from 19’s Toy late in the week.  We (Ryan, John and myself) arrived to the fishing grounds just a tad late but got to witness most of the RedRum fleet hooking into some Yellowfin while surrounded by one of the best fish finders around, porpoise! 

Friday, January 22nd: A couple of limits on Yellowfin start this week’s fish report.  The limits were brought to you by Charly Young and his buddies fishing on El Nuevo and our good buddy Jeff James and his group from Colorado aboard 19’s Toy.  Nick VanGomple also landed Yellowfin while fishing with Omar and Oscar on RedRum!

Saturday, January 23rd: A mixed bag of Yellowfin and Released Marlin were reported today.  Starting with the Hansons on TantRum with Captain Juan, they caught 4 Yellowfin Tuna.  Cameron Gow tested their luck with Omar and Oscar and didn’t want to “mess with the billfish”.  Omar had gathered some intel over the last few days on Yellowfin and knew where he was going to take them.  Needless to say, Omar knew what he was talking about!  The group was back by 11:00am and had 2 limits (one each) of Yellowfin! Mr. Lawson promised his wife that she could catch a Marlin if they went fishing.  Good thing Jesus/Jesus pulled through form him as they released a beautiful Striped Marlin while fishing on RumRunnin!  Brian Stang fished the first of his two days scheduled on 19’s Toy.  They were just warming up on Day 1 when they landed 5 Yellowfin.  Day 2 brought them a lot more luck as my notes read: “mucho atun”!!. Great job guys!  It was nice having you guys down!  See you next time!

Sunday, January 24th:  3 boats headed out on Sunday.  TantRum did not seem to have any luck with them as they had an unconventionally slow day while RumRunnin and the Lionbergers cleaned up on the Yellowfin.  Also, as reported Brian Stang caught “mucho atun” (lots of yellowfin) on their 2nd day out with Captain Gaba on 19’s Toy!

Monday, January 25th: The boys were back it bright and early Monday morning!  TantRum stayed behind while ReelRum is continuing to be worked on at the dry-dock.  Our local buddy, Ash Pickering of Cabo Discount Tours ( brought in quite the group to fish aboard Colleens Magic and C-Rod (another 32′ Blackfin).  The group had a great time on these two beautiful boats.  C-Rod seemed to have a little more luck on their side as they caught heaps of Yellowfin on their half-day charter.  Nothing like friendly competition.  The DiBiase group aboard 19’s Toy also slayed the Tuna with Gaba and Noe as did the Tanners and the Adamske fishing aboard El Nuevo and RumRunnin!  The lone Dorado caught today was reeled in by Gregg Baldwin while fishing with Omar and Oscar on RedRum!  They also managed to pull in 4 Tuna.

Tuesday, January 26th: Newlyweds and Hooneymooners, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick and Carol Hendricks spent a day of their HM with RumRunnin!  They were super excited to have caught a pair of nice Dorado while soaking up the sun and planning their beautiful future together!  Congrats guys!!  The Dodge Party caught and released a Striped Marlin with Christian and Alex on El Nuevo and the Easley’s aboard 19’s Toy caught Tuna and Dorado on their full day out with Captain Gaba and the 35′ Cabo!

Wednesday, January 27th: Humpday was another day of Yellowfin for our anglers!  There was a shared-boat on TantRum with the Einerson/Seekamps teaming up to catch some fish!  They group got into a combined 7 Yellowfin so everyone was happy!  The Wilburns fishing on RedRum joined in the fun and caught 3 Tuna while RumRunnin had the catch of the day after they limited out on Tuna before anyone else (FIW).  

Thursday, January 28th: Things slowed down a little bit today as the Yellowfin Tuna seemed to have gotten out of town!!  Jerry Smith headed out with his buddies aboard RedRum, 31′ Bertram, and caught and released a Striped Marlin as did the Mitschke’s fishing aboard El Nuevo with Alex and Christian.  The rest of the boats stayed back home today and took advantage of getting a little TLC from Rene.

Friday, January 29th: No Report.

The first month of the New Year has come and gone.  This year is going to blitz by and we are more than ready!  We are thankful that the tourism is stronger than ever!  Cabo San Lucas is booming with folks from all over looking to share the experience RedRum has to offer!  If you are planning on taking an adventure trip this year, look no further!  Book your trip today and hook you fish of a lifetime!


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