Cabo San Lucas Fish Report January 8th – 14th


The Featured Image of the Week (FIW) is a group shot of The Schaefer Group that allowed us to host them for 2 days of fishing which actually turned into 3 days of fishing.  Their daily positive attitudes reminded us of how lucky we are to be doing what we are doing.  The group had phenomenal time fishing on RumRunnin with Jesus and Jesus (Ulises joined 1 day as well) and enjoyed catching Dorado and Marlin!  We hope you guys can make it back soon, if not, we will see you next year!! 

Friday, January 8th: We will start off with the Schaefer’s who brought along Amanda Koon’s and Maggie Smith on their final trip.  They decided on a half-day and were still able to add a couple of more Dorado to their catch and a Striped Marlin that they tagged and released! Current TCU student, Nick Henderson headed out with his father Chuck for a day out with Captain Juan and Mate Humberto.  The father-son duo also reeled in 2 nice Dorado as well as released a Striped Marlin.  Good luck in school Nick! Make us proud!! Keeping it in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area we have Jim Walton who brought down quite the group for some “team building”!  The group of 15 that fished on 3 of our boats was just small part of the 8 boats they rented for the day!  Adrenaline, 19’s Toy and Sniper represented RedRum in the small tournament put together by JWS Pipe Services.  Captain Gaba doesn’t take tournament fishing lightly even if it is “just for fun”! He headed out with Mate Noe and his team that consisted of Ryan Priest, Jessica Matthews, David Kimmel as well as Kyle and Christie Reese.  This group took 1st Place in the Dorado category with a fish weighing in just shy of 20 lbs.  Award: unknown.  Next up we have the Michael Bartsch and his family that joined Omar and Oscar for a day of fishing!  After working out some technical difficulties with their licenses we had the folks on the water shortly after 6:30.  Their patience paid off as they were able to land a pair of nice Dorado as well as a nice Wahoo probably in the 30-35 # class range by looking at the steaks that they left in our freezer!  Our CCA/Wilkinson Group fishing with Alex and Christian this week headed out for another day and landed 4 Dorado and released a Marlin! Lastly, Mr. and Mrs. Barbiero had a blast fishing with Ramon and Julian on ReelRum.  They caught 8 Dorado, released 4 of them and still had plenty of fish to hand out to the folks at their hotel that have been taking care of them as well as enough for them and dinner!  The couple was also able to release a Marlin in the midst of all of their Dorado! Great day!!

Saturday, January 9th: The theme was Marlin and they came in pairs today!  TantRum, RedRum, RumRunnin (+1 Dorado) and El Nuevo all came in today with 4 flags each (RumRunnin had 5) that indicated 2 Striped Marlin caught and 2 Striped Marlin released!  The release of your Marlin is more appreciated than our anglers realize and we are happy that our crew members are encouraging it as well.  We see far too many boats around here that are intentionally killing Marlin and misleading anglers of the facts behind the effects of killing these species.  So thank you to the Coyne’s, Renner’s, Humphrey’s and the CCA/Wilkinson parties as well as all other RedRum fisherman that are releasing your Marlin catches!  All of our boats are equipped and capable of tagging your catch for research purposes.  Team RedRum has become one of the leading participants in the Gray FishTag Research Program and we are starting to see results!  Feels great and it wouldn’t be possible with the help of our anglers!  Ask the RedRum office staff, your Captain or your Mate how you can get involved!

Sunday, January 10th: The “Bash Brothers” (The Coyne Party) fished their last day on TantRum today.  These guys have been troopers and were a great group to have down for the 2nd year in a row! Their energy is awesome and they truly take advantage of their time down here from hanging on the beach, Releasing Marlin on the boat and bombing through Baja on 4-Wheelers, these guys did it all!  They ended their day with Juan and Humberto catching a Dorado and a Wahoo to add to their catch!  Great meeting you guys and hopefully we will see you again!  Stay out of trouble until then!  Mr. and Mrs. Barbeiro fished their 2nd day aboard ReelRum this time with Ulises and Julian as Ramon took his normal Sunday off to be with family and recharge for the busy week ahead.  Mr. Barbeiro tagged a Striped Marlin that Ulises hooked for him and named the tagged Marlin “Carla #1” the couple will now be able to track their fish when they get back to the States!  Knowing that they already had enough fish to take back with them, the couple kindly released the Dorado they caught as well!  Another group of CCA (Coastal Conservation Association) members from Texas join us today.  Daniel Wilson sent a group down for a couple of days on the water! The team fished with Alex and Christian on El Nuevo and landed a Dorado on day 1!  They head back out tomorrow in hopes of a bigger bag! We’ll see what happens!

Monday, January 11th: Tristan Focault and Erin Bend started the first of their few days fishing with us.  Trip #1 was off of Molly, 31’ Bertram, that we have recently began partnering up with when RedRum, our 31’ Bertram is booked.  The couple had a good time with Captain Julio bringing in a Dorado and playing around with a few SkipJack while looking for Tuna.  Fort Worth, TX native Price Phillips and his group eventually found their way to Adrenaline and fished with Ulises and Captain Moro.  The party reeled in a Striped Marlin for a release, caught 2 Bonita and landed a Dorado on their full day excursion aboard the 38’ Pearson.  RumRunnin hosted Damon and Kaylan Duggins for the day and the couple released a Striped Marlin early on and decided to head inshore to catch Sierra (Spanish Mackerel).  They ended up with 5 Sierra!  We have started to see the Sierra come back in shore due to some colder water currents that have pushed through!  They are great eating for ceviche!  Aussie angler, Matt Sanders hopped on ReelRum for the first of his 2 half-day charters with Ramon and Julian.  He got a feel for the waters of Baja and practiced on 5 Skippies that they hooked.  Ben Vant Hul  and Blythe Crosby got into a mess of SkipJacks as well, half a dozen worth of them, while fishing with Captain Juan on TantRum.  Our CCA – Houston Group fished their 2nd day on Nuevo and switched it up a bit.  The group headed out towards San Jaime as opposed to heading North up the coastline.  The group was content with bringing in 3 Yellowfin especially since we haven’t been seeing Tuna in big numbers lately.  Lastly, Brian Cook fished Top Gun and landed a Skipjack and a Dorado to end their day!

Tuesday, January 12th: Both of the 28’ boats called it an early day today without being able to get into the fish.  Captain Omar and Mate Ramon of RedRum raised 2 Striped Marlin on the same purple lure for Mr. Ray Robinson and he took it from there bringing both fish to the boat and releasing them back to the water! Team Kent-Vance fished day 1 aboard RumRunnin and ended up with a Dorado for dinner on their half-day charter.  We had the pleasure of fishing with our great buddy and RedRum tournament angler, Kent Sommer today.  He loves fishing with Gaba and Noe and this time Ryan and I jumped on for the fun.  Although the fishing was slow we had a great time catching up, talking strategy and solving the world’s problems!  To add to the fun, we tagged and released a small Striped Marlin.  Kent, being the huge Ohio State fan that he is decided he to name the Marlin “Buckeye #1”. Look for the fish on Gray FishTag website and watch it’s progress soon!  SpearfishJan12

The Catch of the Day was recorded by ElNuevo with Captain Ulises and First Mate Christian.  John Humbert, a member of CCA – Dallas has fished with us a few times and always enjoys how we do things around here!  He is even happier now because his team consisting of his daughter Hannah and friends Jonathan Rickert and Greg Cruthirds were part of a pretty unusual catch.  The team caught, tagged, and released a Short Nose Spearfish!  This is only the 2nd SNS that I can remember and it’s quite the accomplishment and we don’t see many of them down in our waters.  The fish is more prominent in the waters around the Hawaiian Islands but we’ll take it! Spearfish3Jan12



Wednesday, January 13th:  Humpday… whale humps that is!  The grey whales have come back to our neck of the woods and are putting quite the show for our anglers.  It’s always a nice added bonus to be able to see these enormous animals swim, breach, dive and play while enjoying your day out on one of the boats!  The Grey Whales are here in numbers and recently, Ryan and I even saw a small pod of Orcas hanging around the San Jaime area. Matt Sanders, our Aussie angler was back for his 2nd day on the water looking to for a little better luck.  He brought his son Timothy along to give him the added support and was glad he did!  The Father-Son combo ended with 2 Striped Marlin that they released as well as a Dorado and a Skippy!  Nice work guys!  Here is an email and photo that Mr. Sanders sent before heading back to Australia: (thank you for the kind words and we are happy you had a great time)TimSandersMarlin

“Just a quick note to say thanks to our great crew on ReelRum yesterday and Monday. Monday was slow but yesterday certainly made up for it. My 13yo son Tim caught his largest fish ever in the morning with a nice Dorado then proceeded to set the bar high by catching 2 Striped Marlin!! Ramon and crew were great with us and worked very hard all day to get us in onto some fish. We are already trying to work out when we can come back.”


We head home to Australia today and will miss Cabo.

Matt & Tim Sanders


Janell and Gary Sefried fished with Captain Juan and Mate Humberto aboard TantRum and also released a Striped Marlin.  The couple also boated a Dorado for dinner! Tristan Foucault was back for another day on the water.  This time he opted for our 33’ WellCraft, Top Gun.  The group headed out and when it was all said and done, had 3 YFT and a Dorado in the cooler!  John Humbert and his team had their 2nd day aboard El Nuevo and tagged another pair of Striped Marlin!

Thursday, January 14thWe were excited to send ReelRum, RedRum and El Nuevo out this morning as the water temperature reports that we pulled up in the morning looked pretty promising.  Temps are slowly dropping and the break lines are extra clear around San Jaime and surrounding areas. ReelRum started us off this morning while fishing with Rick Campbell and his 3rd day of fishing with RedRum! Rick ended his run with 2 Striped Marlin released, 1 Dorado and a Skippy. Our friend Bruce Billings paid us a visit and fished with his buddy Omar on RedRum.  Bruce and his buddy, Bruce Frampton also released 2 Striped Marlin as well as a nice Dorado for dinner!  Lastly, John Humbert and his crew fished their final day with Alex and Christian on El Nuevo and ended with another pair of Striped Marlin that they tagged and released.  The Humbert Crew contributed to 5 Tagged Billfish within 3 days!! That is awesome!  After speaking with Mr. Humbert in regards to his experience down here he shared with me how happy he was with our outfitter and how impressed he was with Christian as the new mate on that boat.  Nothing makes us more proud than hearing compliments about our crew.  We take pride in having ourselves considered one of the best outfitters in Cabo San Lucas so any feedback, positive or negative only helps us get better!

Editors Note: We cannot express how happy we have been with the enthusiasm and the efforts our crew members, anglers and staff have been with the new Gray FishTag Research Program.  Our Captains and Mates have really taken a proactive approach in the conservation of marine life in Baja.  Anglers, experienced and novice alike have also accepted openly the work we are doing down here and play a huge part in our contribution.  There is also a little bit of added work in making sure that the information is correctly input into the proper systems, great job RedRum office!

As always, thanks for spending your time reading our update!  If you are thinking of booking contact us here:


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