Cabo San Lucas Fish Report July 14 -20

Hey everybody! Well, do to the extremely bright full moon last night and into Monday night – I was worried about how the fishing might be. I woke up at midnight in a panic because I thought I was late for my normal 5:45 AM arrival time at the RedRum office. The moon was SOOO bright, I thought I had overslept and there would be plenty of anxious anglers waiting to get out there, thank goodness that was not the case! But maybe for the guys who fished Monday and Tuesday, might have been better if it was 🙂 It was tough those first few days, but as the week went on, the fishing picked up!!

Curtis Saxton and his group fished on MOnday onboard 2 of our 35′ boats and did not have much luck, but came back Wednesday for some more and landed a NICE Blue Narlin and a Yellowfin Tuna. Nickolas and Rachele were celebrating their Honeymoon here in Cabo and opted for 2 1/2 day trips with Ramon & Julian aboard the ReelRum. The first day was kind of a bummer on Monday but they were back at it Thursday and caught a nice Dorado and some Bonita. Kellie and Gary Nicely were back with us this year along with son Grant for a couple of 1/2 days. They had good luck on Monday aboard ReelRum with Ramon and Julian when son Grant was able to catch and release a nice sized Sailfish for his birthday and the Thursday they caught a Dorado and some Bonita. The only other boat on Monday with any luck was Robert Swarthout and fam, they released a Striped Marlin, some Bonita and boated a Yellowfin Tuna. Tuesday the boat that won the prize was Captain Omar aboard his 31′ Bertram RedRum. Todd Adam and Thomas McCorkle aboard that boat caught a Striped Marlin, a Dorado, a shark and 5 Bonita. Now the Shipley’s were among the casualties on Monday where both boats were waving the “skunk” flag. They were back at it Wednesday though where Mike’s daughter caught her first sail and his son caught his first stripped marlin. Joel also sent in some pics, with this quote, “Great day of fishing. First marlin for my daughters. 200 lb blue for my 15 yr old (JORDAN) and a 100 lb stripe for my 12 yr old (Courtney)” They released the Stripe, but unfortunately the Blue did not make it. Here it is in the picture Shipley's

John Reichert hooked up a really nice Blue Marlin on Thursday as well, estimated around 300lbs it was released to go it again another day. Lindsey Fourier really wanted to catch a Sailfish. She was onboard with Alex and Carlos and boy did they catch one! They had 3 hooked up at once and had to cut 2 off before finally landing this one for Lindsey! You can tell by her smile that was a proud moment!! Congrats. Fourier

Though Friday was a bit slow for a few of our boats, the Broussard’s and the Lally’s had a fun 1/2 day trip catching a nice Wahoo and a Striped Marlin which they released. David Starich and his clan who have fished with us numerous times before didn’t do too bad on ReelRum catching 3 Yellowfin and a Dorado. Saturday was slow as well, though we did have the Pachecos out on RumRUnnin for the day, they had some luck releasing a Sailfish AND a Striped Marlin. On Sunday the highlight were the Jones’s out of Vancouver, WA who fished aboard ReelRum. They caught 3 Dorado, 2 Yellowfin Tuna and released 2 Striped Marlin. They fished right out passed Los Arcos almost to Margarita beach.

Let’s hope we can get more consistent this next week!!

Until then,


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