Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – July 2

The guys have found a hot spot about 15 miles outside the Gordo Banks, hitting between two buoys they have been getting a massive Dorado bite. Ity was no different today.

Jamie cantu, Katherine Ilis, Laura Castillo and Ryan Moore headed out on RedRum for the day with Omar and Americo. They said it was slow until George Strait started up, then it was on! These Texans just needed a little push then caught so many Dorado, they lost count. They said the most fun was when they had all four of them reeling one in at the same time. They had a great time.

Brian Catalano, Eric Johnson and Johnathan Miller headed out to the same spot aboard Tantrum with Captain Manuel. They had a good day too, catching and releasing 13 Dorado.

The Wallace clan, Jeff, Myhuong, Aryn, Jeremy and Son Le took off on RumRunnin with Jesus 3 (Tio Pato) and Noe for the day. They had a lot of fun with Jeremy catching a huge 59″ Dorado and altogether catching 6 more. They decided to book again for Thursday, we hope they do just as well!

Gerald Kim and his girl, Bibiane set out on El Nuevo with Cappy Alex and Mate Jesus 2 (Chuy). They too had an awesome day catching about 15 Dorado. They had so much fun they booked again for July 4th.

Derik and Libby Ford were aboard ReelRum with Ramon and Juan for the day. They wanted to catch a Marlin, and that they did! They caught a 120lb Striped Marlin and 3 Dorado that they kept, they released about 10 more Dorado. Awesome job guys!

Looks like the fishin’ is pickin’ up, so y’all get your tickets now and come on down to Cabo!!


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