Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – July 20 & 21

It has been a great couple of day of fishing out there for all of our full day boats. We did have some casualties on our 1/2 day boats on Friday,Robert Johns on RedRum and Mark Fimbres on the Marlin Queen got skunked after being on the water for 5 hours. Maybe next time they will have some better luck, we hope so!

Now that the bad news is out of the way, on to the good stuff. David and Carol Hughes, veteran RedRum anglers and super nice folks, were out today on RumRunnin, David for the 2nd time, wife Carol her first. They had a good day, with Carol catching a 100 lb Striped Marlin which they released and 3 more nice sized Yellowfin Tuna. We’ll be seeing them again same time next year.

Lindsay and Nathan Carrier took to ReelRUm with Captain Juan for a full day of fishing. They caught a huge 50lb Dorado and caught one more to boot!

Harry Arruda and his gang headed out onto the 50′ Viking Fearless for the day. These guys caught 5 Yellowfin and 2 Dorado.

Joey & Ashley Minvielle were back at it today, this time with our own Ryan Donovan. They were out looking for billfish, had no luck, but did reel in 3n Yellowfin. They did their last day on Saturday, and it was a good one! Both Joey and Ashley caught and released a Striped Marlin and the added 2 Dorado to their fish heap in the cooler!

Marilyn Atkins, Stan Wilson and Ben Novosad were back at it again today on Nuevo with Alex and Jesus 2 (CHUY). They had an amazing day with 3 Sailfish on at one time, reeled them all in and then released them. They then caught the nicest of the day, a 250lb Blue Marlin. Unfortunately he died in the fight, so they could not release him, so they opted for a nice pic and plenty of Marlin steaks! Check out the picture 🙂 Saturday was their last day and they rounded out their trip by catching 15 Dorado, which they also added to the multiple pounds of fish they have crowded in one of the freezers, I sure do hope it is all frozen before they take it home…….

Barbara Anzilotti and David James were out on ReelRum with Captain Ramon who had been away on “paternity leave” congrats to him on his new baby girl Guadalupe. They were looking for some Bill fish. They saw a couple, hooked a Blue Marlin who jumped out of the water about 3 times before spitting the hook. They did manage to pull in one Dorado to compensate.

Gilbert Vela, family friend of Luis Vela came in with wife Teri, Jay Vasquez and Shelley Duffey. They fished aboard RedRum with Captain Omar and mate Americo and caught a total of 11 Dorado, released 3. They were really funny and friendly, we hope they come back to see us!

Brittney Gayon, Kevin Lorio and Joe Vedros were out for a second day, this time on Colleen’s Magic. They had a great day for boll fish with Brittany catching a 140lb Striped Marlin, Joe a 100lb Striped and Kevin catching a nice size Sailfish. They also caught 4 more Dorado.

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