Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – July 22 – 28

Monday was a great day for Striped Marlin with all of our boats catching at least one. John Godina and Chelsea Voth each caught one, Will Martin caught 2 Marlin as did Jerry Salamy and Jerry also caught a Dorado. Dale Baird finished with the most fish caught at 3 Striped Marlin which he released.

Tuesday was about the same with the Kraten’s catching a Striped Marlin, it was Cole’s 1st. Steven Bunch and his crew also caught a Striped Marlin as well as a Shark and 2 Dorado.
Ryan Templeton and his crew fishing aboard RedRum for a 1/2 day caught and released 2 Striped Marlin and boated a Dorado. Philip Chudak lost 2 Striped Marlin.

Wednesday we had Tim Young and his crew on ReelRum and they caught 4 Striped Marlin. The French fam on El Nuevo shared the same fate, also catching 4 Striped Marlin. The Brito’s fished on Tantrum an caught a Striped Marlin and a Dorado. Ricky Alyassi and buddy Kyle caught a Striped Marlin and 8 Yellowfin Tuna, Thursday they released 3 Marlin and a Dorado. The rest of the day on Thursday was not so great, we won’t speak of the unlucky anglers.

Matthew Jones did catch a Striped Marlin on Thursday and caught a whopping 6 on Saturday, what a difference a couple of days make! John Janios and his group chartered 2 boats on Friday, they caught and released 5 Striped MArlin.The Hilyards probably had the best day of all Friday catching a couple of Striped Marlin and a Sailfish.

The weekend was off the hook for catching Stiped Marlin. We had the Flowers onboard El Nuevo for a 1/2 day, they caught 2, Jim Heckert and crew fished on Tantrum for the full day and caught 6, Richard Watson and his party fished on Colleen’s MAgic, they caught 5 and now for the drumroll…..

Diane Freeman and her crew fished on RedRUm for the day and caught a jaw dropping 10 Striped Marlin and Joey Minivielle who just joined the “50 Marlin Club” after Saturdays catch, released an amazing 9. He had a slower day on Sunday catching a mere 3 and baoting another 3 Dorado.

John Carr and his family fished on RumRunnin Saturday and caught 3 Striped Marlin and a Dorado, Mike Ramirez and his crew on board El Nuevo RedRum also caught and released 3 Striped Marlin.

There you go folks, if it is on your bucket list to catch Marlin, right now is the time! We will be looking for you here in Cabo San Lucas!

Thanks for reading!


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