Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – July 24

Travis Knight was back out with us today along with April. They did a full day on ReelRum with Ramon and Juan. They caught a total of 7 Dorado, one of them being around 40lbs.

Tom Szczepanski, Danny Meyer, David Gilman and Tim Zorn headed out for a 1/2 day on RumRunnin with Tio Pato and Jaiva. They had fun and caught and released a 170lb Striped Marlin in the process.

Chad Banales and new wife Cheryl headed out on Tantrum for a full day with Captain Manuel and Mate Edgar. These honeymooners arrived back at the office around 10.30 due to some sea sickness, but they were not mad because that was plenty of time for each of them to catch and release a Striped Malrin. Cheryl’s was OF COURSE the largest…..

The McHale/Cole party started a 3 day fishing trip aboard El Nuevo RedRum. They had a great first day out there catching a 140lb Striped Marlin and 10 Dorado.

Last but not least, we had John and Judy Connally along with Karen and Ethan English aboard RedRum with Captain Omar and Mate Americo. I did not write down what they caught, but even with my pregnancy brain, I think I remember something about a rather large Dorado and Marlin. Hopefully if they see this, they can help me out!!

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