Cabo San Lucas Fish Report July 26th – August 1st

Cabo San Lucas Fish Report July 26th – August 1st

Although the fishing has not been as productive as past summers have been our boys are working extra hard to help anglers land the big ones and have great times on the water. We know how important having a good day as we understand most people enjoy Cabo mainly for the fishing experience. Our goal is to make that experience the best one, regardless if there are no fish around our crews understand the expectations of having a nice boat and the best efforts each day.

This week we continued to see a decent Billfish bite with a few Blues, Sailfish and Stripe Marlin still about 20 miles offshore. We start with Ramon on ReelRum and the Haltom party. They caught and released a 280# – 300# Blue Marlin! Those are pretty special catches down here and the fact that they were able to release the giant fish is an even bigger feat! Great job both crew and anglers! The Kasser/Cecchin group headed out with Captain Alex on El Nuevo and first mate Charly was able to assist them get a Salifish to the boat for another catch and release! Austin Crossley and his group fished their second day with RedRum. Today aboard Never Give Up with Chito and Danny. They had a great day catching and releasing 1 Stripe Marlin and also landing a 30# – 40# Wahoo. Colleens Magic also caught and released a Blue Marlin with the Janececk party to wrap up the day!

The following day was a little slow for most of the boats in the Marina but a few of the RedRum boats managed to get it done!! Omar and Oscar worked hard for the Sailfish that Scott Perry and his first class angler sons released! If you don’t know what I am referring to in regards to Scott Perry’s sons just read last weeks report!! Gaba also caught and released a Stripe Marlin on 19’s Toy and the catch of the Day came from David O’neal and his party fishing on Colleens Magic. They hooked into a super nice Blue Marlin, after the fight (2 hours) they took the fish to the scales and measured up to be a 383#. Super catch!

Tuesday the 28th didn’t change much, lots of boats coming back into the Marina with no flags flying. Again, the RedRum boys worked hard to put people on fish! The story of the day goes to Tony Gibson and his group aboard El Nuevo. Porter, Paige and Maggie all first timers were able to catch and release a Blue Marlin each!! Alex and Charly did an excellent job working with them to make sure their fish stayed on the line! Porter caught his after a 55 minute fight and the fish was estimated at about 280#, Paige’s Blue was a little larger at an estimated 300# and Maggie’s smaller blue was pushing 200 lbs.. Ramon helped Lori Hancock fulfill a lifetime dream of catching a Blue Marlin, congrats Lori. Great fish and great story! Ramon was also able to catch and release a Sailfish. Ronald, Gray and Elizabeth Hodge had a great time with Team Jesus and caught and released a Stripe Marlin to wrap up their day.

The following day wasn’t as an exciting day as we like to have at RedRum. First, only three of the boats went out today, secondly and unfortunately one came back early because the angler stopped feeling good due to the swells and lastly just not a lot of fish being caught!! Omar and Oscar took the Martinez group out to look for tuna and ended their day with 2 Bonitas and Gaba took out the Ted Brammer and his family on 19’s Toy. They were after Marlin and First Mate Noe was able to hook one on a live bait about mid-day.

RedRum highlighted the day with the most fish caught with the Manspeaker party. They were able to catch and release a Marlin, caught 1 nice Tuna, 3 Triggerfish and 2 skipjack! Nice bag! Tony Gibson caught and released 2 Sailfish with his group on TopGun with Captain Juan. Chris Daniels, down from Texas and in on a CCA Trip fished his first day on 19’s Toy and caught a nice Dorado. Team Mulder also caught and released a Stripe Marlin with Alex and Charly on El Nuevo. Jason, Susan and Jakob John fished on a 32’ Lurhs named Whata – Journey and had a great time catching and releasing a Marlin after 3 days of tough fishing! Way to stick with it guys.

RedRum and 19’s Toy were the only boats that reported fish on Friday. The warmer water that we are seeing right now continues to make fishing a little difficult. The Ellington party fought a nice Blue Marlin for about 10-15 minutes before the fish got off. Michael Kleiman, friend Mike and son Ben caught and released a Blue Marlin after a nice long fight! It was Ben’s first ever Billfish and he was last on the line, reeled it all the way to the boat.  The fish was estimated 300lbs!!  Gaba ended his day with a Stripe Marlin released as well!

3 more Billfish were caught for Team RedRum to end the weeks report. TantRum and the Brown party caught and released 1 Stripe Marlin. David Dukat fish with Ramon on ReelRum and was able to hustle a Sailfish to the boat and releasing the nice fish! The catch of the day goes to The Fallin party aboard Never Give Up. Chito hooked a nice Blue Marlin that the group brought to the boat after several minutes of a back and forth fight. Great catch guys!!

Although we have seen better days on the water the crews are working extremely hard and staying positive about the fishing. Things like water temperature and weather are out of our control when it comes to fishing down here. We do however have control on the effort and attitude we bring to the boats each morning. After a productive Team Meeting this week our spirits are still strong and we know the fishing will turn soon!

As summer time nears an end and kids are getting ready to head back to school, surprise them with a RedRum trip and have something for them to talk about during those “what did you do this summer” conversations!!

Stay Positive,


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