Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – July 6 & July 7th

Mike Ludwig and son were back at it this Saturday aboard RedRum again. This time they caught and released 3 Striped Marlin.

Ramon Burgos, Isabel Marquez and their 2 kids fished on Tantrum for the day. They had an awesome time catching 3 Striped Marlin and a nice sized Dorado.

Mike and Stephanie Short were back at it today and brought some friends along this time. They caught and released 2 Striped Marlin, a couple of Dorado and Yellowfin Tuna.

Lori Gieringer and her crew fished aboard ReelRum for a full day. They released 2 Striped Marlin and caught a huge Dorado!

Brad Hailey and Bob Mitchell were back at it for a second day aboard RumRUnnin and released 4 Striped Marlin. Great day!!

Doug Morris and Erin Rose fished aboard Nuevo for the full day and caught 3 Striped MArlin and a Mako Shark.

Tommy Moore and his gang fished for a second time aboard 50′ Fearless with Captain Abel. They SLAYED it out there, catching 6 Striped Marlin and this seasons first Blue Marlin. AWESOME day out there for them!

Sunday was the calm before the storm and the fishing did slow down a little, but not too much for some other lucky anglers!

George and Nadine Veal fished aboard ReelRum for the day and caught 2 Dorado.

Jared Reynolds and his crew got a late start and had the best day of all, releasing 3 Striped Marlin.

The Brown’s and buddy Leroy fished aboard Tantrum for the day. They lost 2 Striped Marlin, but got one all the way to the boat!!

The Walkers and the Wolfs fished aboard 19’s Toy for the day. They were sharing the charter and changed their day of fishing to Sunday from that Monday, good thing they did, because the port was closed on Monday! They also ended up catching 3 Striped Marlin. Not too shabby!!

Our only casualty of the day was The Schramms who went out on Rumrunnin with the Jesus’s, I guess today was just not their day…

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