Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – July 7 – 13

Hola guys!!! We had a slow week this week, I guess after the July 4th holiday, people were all vacationed out. So not too much to report on this week. One thing is certain though, the Sailfish this week surely outnumbered the Marlin catches and we got quite a few Blue Marlin this week as well.

As I said in earlier reports, fishing is weird this year because the water temp being so warm and unpredictable, it is almost certain our guys can’t return to the same spot and have the same kind of day they did the day before. That being said, our guys will work as hard as they can to get you on the fish and get them to the boat! We just hope they are hungry!! Charles Maricle and his crew kicked the week off reeling in a nice 280lb Blue Marlin which was released to fight another day. This was good news for a 1/2 day trip and these guys were stoked.Marlin2

Jeff Loggins and crew tore it up out there – they had to go pretty far, about 38 miles out of the point and they landed 2 nice Blue Marlin and a Sailfish on Tuesday. Suzanne and Rick Morris fished with Captain Juan on Tantrum outside of the Golden Gate on the Pacific and reeled in 3 really nice sized Yellowfin Tuna. Eric Nelson and his crew wreaked havoc out there catching 3 Sailfish, a Striped Marlin (all of which were released) and boating 4 Yellowfin Tuna. They were a little farther west, which is why they might have got into a little more Billfish. Wednesday was a little lull in the action, but slowly came back on Thursday with Miguel Puente and crew fishing on RumRunnin with the Jesus’s released a nice Striped MArlin. Robert Ford and his group boarded 19’s Toy and they headed over 30 miles out and found a HUGE school of porpoise, had a couple Yellowfin on, lost them and boated one before they called it quits. Sometimes you can be right in the thick of it and…. well, that is fishin’. Probably did not help that we are runnin right into a full moon this weekend.

There was not much other fish to talk about this week, though we did have returning RedRUmer, Scott Schultz fishing with Captain Gaba also on 19’s Toy, they caught a Shark, which had to be released due to new regulations placed on us by the fishing department – all shark are to be released until the 1st of August, or further notice. Oh well! It was still a fun catch!!

David Krenek had a great couple of days on El Nuevo with Cappy Alex and Carlos his mate. He caught a huge Blue Marlin on Friday along with a Sailfish that was released and Sunday they got 3 nice sized Yellowfin Tuna. Sunday was also a good day for John Wewers who fished with Captain Juan for a 1/2 day, they boated 4 Yellowfin and released a Striped Marlin. Dudley Coe and his crew headed out with the Jesus’s on RUmrunnin to the golden gate and reeled in 13 Yellowfin Tuna. Yum-O is all I have to say 🙂

As you can see we are having some spotty fishing, but some really good fishing too! All we can do is our best to get you that catch of a lifetime and our crews will work their hardest to get you there!

So come on down and see what you are missing.

Until Next time, Tiffany

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