Cabo San Lucas Fish Report July 7th – 14th

IMG_0253-980x694The FIW is a collage taken from a recent trip on  “Oh So Rojo”, 46′ Bertram.  With the Blue Marlin bite starting to pick up Team RedRum was able to quickly release 2 of them as well as a Striped Marlin.  The Blue caught and released in the collage above was an estimated 250#.  With the Blue Marlin bite going off a little earlier than expected we are excited to see about what the rest of the month will bring us!  

RedRum Sportfishing, Cabo San Lucas Mexico – Fish Report July 7th – 14th:

Thursday, July 7th:

Captain Juan and Mate Humberto of TantRum start off this weeks report with the Laura Read and family. During their full day charter they were able to catch 2 Dorado, 2 Yellowfin Tuna and release 2 Sharks.  Quite the mixed bag!  Our good buddy, Jeremiah Cook came down for yet another visit and a few days with his best buddy Mate Oscar on RedRum.  They had a great time catching Dorado and Tuna, multiple hook-ups all day long.  Brad Keller from McAllen, TX fished with Captain Gaba and Noe on 19’s Toy our 35′ Cabo.  They were able to catch and release a Striped Marlin and bring in 5 Yellowfin Tuna to round out our day!  Great job!

Friday, July 8th:

Ethan Banning and the rest of the Banning’s headed out with Captain Juan on TantRum for day and caught a nice Bull Dorado, plus 35# as well as a Yellowfin Tuna on a half-day charter.  The McLaren’s aboard ReelRum caught and released a Striped Marlin as well as a Dorado.  Mike McDonald from the CCA-Florida group headed out with Captain Alex on El Nuevo.  The group managed to catch 4 Yellowfin Tuna on their first of 2 days on the water.

Saturday, July 9th:

Captain Omar on RedRum, our 31′ Bertram provided Tyler and Joel Tosky with a trip of a lifetime!  The team headed out and ended their day with 1 Blue Marlin released, 2 Striped Marlin released and 2 Yellowfin Tuna one weighing in over 100#’s!  Killer day!  The Burton Group on RumRunnin picked up 2 Dorado while our buddy Mr. Gow picked up an epic cow tuna while fishing with Gaba and Noe on 19’s Toy.

Sunday, July 10th:

No reports recorded.

Monday, July 11th:

Brad and Charles Hawthorne headed down with their group and chartered both of our 28′ Californias for the day.  TantRum and ReelRum got right to work and each both with their respective crews caught and released a Striped Marlin! The Tosky boys fished their second day not thinking they could beat their first trip!  Unfortunately they didn’t but still ended up with a Striped Marlin that they released!  Meanwhile Captain Jesus and Mate Jesus spent their day with the Dixon’s fighting fish!  First they caught and released a Striped Marlin, moments later the group reeled in 2 Dorado and they finished their day with another Marlin release!  The Martin’s fished their 1st of 3 days aboard El Nuevo and were super excited that were able to catch and release a Blue Marlin!

Tuesday, July 12th”:

Striped Marlin was par for the course today; ReelRum, RumRunnin and El Nuevo each released a Marlin today (Striped) while the Rojas group fishing with Captain Juan on TantRum caught a Dorado as well!

Wednesday, July 13th:

Today was a slower day on the water for the RedRum boats and a lot of other charter boats within the marina.  The Martin’s that fished with Alex on Monday were able to catch and release 2 Striped Marlin regardless of the lack of fish around today!  Great work Captain Alex and Mate Ulises!

Thursday, July 14th:

Our report ends with a little more activity today.  Starting with Mr. & Mrs. Tyrrell who celebrated their anniversary fishing aboard Adrenaline!  Mrs. T. brought in a Yellowfin Tuna while Mr. T. hauled in a Marlin that was released!  Captain Juan on TantRum got into a small school of Yellowfin Tuna and was able to pick 5 of them up for the Longron’s before heading in!  Captain Omar was at it again, releasing 2 Striped Marlin with Mate Oscar!  While our good buddy and young angler Caleb Lazzari fished with Captain Jesus and caught a +250# Blue that was released after a quick fight as well as a big Striped Marlin!  Captain Alex rounds up this weeks report with a Striped Marlin that was caught and released with the Ramirez group on their half-day Charter!

Thanks for keeping up and stay tuned for more summer action in Cabo San Lucas!


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