Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – June 1 – 7

The threat of Hurricane Blanca creeping up toward the Baja this week has folks a little nervous and some people cancelled trips for later in the week into next week to reschedule for more favorable weather. We were ready for the worse, but thankfully, were left unscathed with a lot of wind and a little rain, nothing more. Kinda like “snow days” for us workers here in Cabo…. haha

Monday was a good day. Stephen and Theresa Lane brought friends Nathan and Jaclyn along on RedRum to fish with Omar and Oscar. They had an awesome day releasing 3 Striped Marlin, poor Steven did not get one, but for Nathan and Jaclyn, it was their first ever Billfish, just a gentleman that Stephen!! Booby Kemp and his buddies were out on ReelRum. They released a Striped Marlin as well. Chuck Urban along with his wife and daughter did a 1/2 day on RumRunnin. They also released a Striped Marlin. Bryan White (not THE Brian white) and his family fished on Colleens Magic with Chary and Antonio, those guys were happy with 2 nice Dorado and a Striped Marlin. Greg Verville and the McCaffrey clan fished on Nuevo, they boated a Dorado.

My girl Kellie Nicely and her crew were still here this week fishing on Tuesday and Thursday. She decided after catching 3 Striped Marlin on Sunday, they would go for Roosterfish by the beach in San Jose. So, the guys bought a scoop of Sardines out by La Playa and hit it! They did catch one real nice Rooster – not sure if Ulises is kissing it, or giving it mouth-to mouth – he is an EMT you know….Rooster Ulises Grant doesn’t look too convinced either LOL. They caught another Rooster on Thursday, a Dorado and released a Striped Marlin. Lucky girl that Kellie Nicely! Dylan and Amanda Boudreaux, nice young couple from New Orleans, LA were super excited to catch their first ever billfish, a Striped Marlin off if Tantrum on Tuesday.

The Medlocks were fishing with us on Thursday, as one of the few we had left for the week. Michael was very kind and even sent a nice e-mail after his trip.
“We did fish Thursday on TanTrum and it was one of the best experiences that I have been able to share with them, especially my daughter Leia. We saw 4 Marlin, hooked 3, and landed 2. Apparently, the first Marlin we landed is larger than average and I was happy see how thrilled Leia was (but she wasn’t more thrilled than me!). I also appreciated the sense of pride the guys had in helping first find the fish and then actually catching them.”
We LOVE to hear feedback like this! It makes our day 🙂 Their approval definitely shines in the photo!Medlocks
Missing a few from Thursday! If you fished, let us know what you caught in the message section, or send us an e-mail That was about it for the week. Saturday, we boarded up awaiting S-L-O-W moving Blanca and stayed home till 10AM Monday where the Port opened up after 12. Hopefully this storm will not wreck the sublime bite we have been experiencing!

Until next week,


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