Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – June 24 & 25

So, I guess there was a storm brewing in the Pacific, which closed the Port temporarily Tuesday morning, but pretty much ruined the fishing that day anyway, as the majority of our boats came back seasick or without fish 🙁 The storm never actually hit us and was far off shore, but got close enough to cause some temporary damage.

Monday we had The McCeig’s out on ReelRum for a full day with Russ Bjork and The Wolfe’s who have fished with Captain Omar on RedRum in the past on RedRum but today, Omar did not catch fish for the Wolfe’s. And ReelRum came back empty handed as well. We always hate when no fish happens to good people! The McCeigs will be back on Thursday and I hope they blow it out of the water!!

Salvador Gomez and family fished aboard El Nuevo for a 1/2 day and they caught some Skip Jack.

Carl Murrell and Junior Cortez shared a charter on Tantrum. They had a pretty good day, catching a Striped Marlin.

The boat that killed it out there was Don Pruner’s boat who fished aboard the RumRUnnin, these guys caught 3 Striped Marlin, Hannah’s was the biggest, Ty also got a nice one and Cody also got a Skip Jack. Check out some pictures from their day!BIGSMILEHANNAH.REELING

Tuesday had to be the worst day out there with only two of our boats catching fish. The other boats mostly came back early due to seasickness.

Pete and Stan Mandich and Vince Di Palma hung in there all day on the offshore and their persistence paid off! They caught 10 Yellowfin Tuna and released a Striped Marlin.

Robert Langer and his crew also managed to land a couple of SkipJack aboard ReelRUm.

And the last lucky boat on Tuesday was Patrick Vissing and crew who were out on RedRum. They caught 4 Yellowfin and also released a Marlin.

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