Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – June 26-29

Hola Friends. I am a slacker on the fish reports, I know. It is just so busy, thanks to all of you guys lovin’ to fish, which is awesome I might add. So, this is going to be a quick overview, the fishing has been pretty good, the water temperature is definitely rising and we are seeing more Dorado and the Marlin bite has been off the hook, or should I say “on the hook….”

Gerald Delaune and buddy James Ross fished 2 days on board ReelRum the 26th & 29th. Day 1 they caught 2 Dorado and released a MArlin and on the 29th, the caught a Dorado and 2 nice Roosterfish.

Also on the 26th Robert Jones and his clan headed out for a 1/2 day aboard RedRum, they had a pretty good 5 hours boating 3 Dorado.

David Brady and his fam were out on RumRunnin with the Jesus’s and released a Striped Marlin and caught a Dorado.

Glenda and Richard Robles were excited to be out fishing with us once a gain, but this time seasickness got the best of them and they came back. Hopefully next time the water will lay down a bit more for them!!

David and Bruce Wessells had an awesome two days on the water, first on the Marlin Queen where the released 4, that’s right 4 Striped Marlin and boated 4 Dorado. On the 28th, they Released another Striped Marlin and caught a Doraodo aboard Big Papi.

Ben Leblanc and his clan were here on a Play & Stay package in conjunction with their local CCA. Day one, some folks could not handle the motion of the ocean and they came in early, but day 2, the 27th on El Nuevo, they caught 2 Striped Marlin, one of which was released, the other perished in the fight and 2 Dorado, one of which, was released.

Larry and Christa McCeig fished for 2 days with us aboard ReelRum, their first day was nothing to write home about, but thank goodness they made it out again and shared the trip with Mark Ashworth. They ended up releasing 4 Striped Marlin, abosolute best of the day, and Larry caught his “dream catch” a nice Dorado, that they had cooked up for dinner. Great birthday for Christa! Check out their photos.Larry's Dream Catch

Christy Mceig

The Heberts and the Rogers had a good day aboard RUmRunnin as did Amanda Zaruba and Michael aboard Tantrum, each releasing a Striped Marlin.

The Walkey’s fished aboard RedRUm for the day and were the only casualty…. Hopefully next time, they will get the big one!!

Juan Espinoza and crew fished on Tantrum for a 1/2 day and landed a Yellowfin Tuna.

Also on Friday Michael Manty and son Peyton fished on ReelRum for a 1/2 day and released a Striped Marlin as did Charles Pham and his buddies who were in Cabo for a bachelor party.

Jackson Than and his crew caught 2 Striped Marlin on a 1/2 day aboard RumRunnin, great catch for only 5 hours!

Hayden Burn and his buddies had an excellent day aboard one of our Partner boats, catching snd releasing 2 Striped Marlin AND a Sailfish!

Chris Pinelli also fished aboard a partner boat and caught a Striped Marlin. It was a nice one too!

Saturday the water was a little rough out there due to some storms on the south, so a couple of our boats had no luck due to coming back in early because of seasickness.

Renee and Mark Wallace had the catches of the day, 2 Striped Marlin, one of which died in the fight… 🙁

John Albritton and his crew boarded Colleens Magic for the day and caught a nice sized Dorado..

That about does it for now folks! Thank you for reading!!


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