Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – June 28th

There are fish out there, but you gotta be willing to run at least 40-45 miles out to get them.

Doug and Ellis Roth were out for a second go on RumRunnin. They did not get enough yesterday. They had a great day, catching & releasing a Striped Marlin and catching 3 Dorado.

Brian & Kim Figley and Vern and Kathy Barker headed out on Tantrum with Captain Manuel. They caught 5 Dorado and lost one, well, apparently, VERN lost one 🙂 and Kim caught two, just so we have that strait! Great job guys!

Craig and Conner Scott along with Karen and Dom Arcuri headed out on RedRum with Captain Omar and Mate Americo. Conner caught a huge 45lb Dorado and Dom caught his first ever Billfish, a 160lb Striped Marlin which he released. they also caught 3 more Dorado.

The Albracht clan led by Brenean did a half day on El Nuevo Redrum with Captain Alex. Cappy Alex ran as far out as possible for a half day, but unfortunately 27 miles was not far enough to land any fish.

There was one more casualty today, buddies Logan Toews and Tony Moroudes went out on Miranda, one of our partner boats with captain Ramon. These guys did not make it into the fish either. Hopefully next time we can get them out there in it!

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