Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – June 29th

Today we had Steven Canale and Laura Simmons out on RedRum for the day. They went out on the Pacific side, offshore looking for some Bill fish. They had no luck with the bill fish but managed to reel in a 20lb Dorado.

We had a rambunctious crowd start off their weekend on El Nuevo with Alex and Jesus. Charles Hillis (wife Millie was keeping me company but not out on the boat) Wesley Linscomb and Donnie Cooper were already told by me that Alex had been skunked the previous day, so they need not expect much – I knew they were the type to goad him, and goad they did. By the time they got back, they told me how horrible it was to catch TEN Dorado, yeah, right REAL horrible! So, Alex redeemed himself and Wesley caught the “big one” and 57 incher to be exact, he said he would send over some photos, I will post when he does!

Lastly we had Richard Rusin, Steve Mayer (sorry, couldn’t read the others names!!) and two buddies out on RumRunnin for the day. They too were looking for some fish on the Pacific side. They did hook a nice Wahoo before his razor sharp teeth broke the line. They have booked again for Sunday, keep up to see if their luck changed!

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