Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – June 30 – July 6

Hey guys! What a great 4th of July it has been here in Cabo San Lucas. The fishing has been good this week, we started consistently catching some Yellowfin and the Blue Marlin and Sailfish were really showing up this week.

Monday was really good for Robert Mitchell and Brad Hailey who fish with us yearly, they caught 12 Yellowfin, a few of which they released. Wednesday they caught one of several Blue Marlin this week, which they released and on Friday a Lemon Shark, another Yellowfin and they released a Striped Marlin. Successful week for these fellas! One other boat found the sweet spot where the Tuna were on Monday, about 10 miles strait outside of the Lighthoue, James Yeager and group caught 2 very Large Yellowfin – one was a little over 100lbs and a third normal size – around 15 lbs. Bret Mathis and Steve Brownlee was one of the other boats that pulled in a Blue MArlin on Monday, estimated at 230lbs , they also released a Striped.

Tuesday there was not as much action, but Diane Freeman and her crew Killed on RumRunnin with the Jesus’s bringing in 12 Yellowfin Tuna and releasing a couple of Striped Marlin. Father and son, Steve and Ted Acton had a great day as well releasing a Shark and a Marlin onboard RedRum. Shark is good eating as well – except for Blue Shark – so I have heard 🙂 Right now it is illegal to bring in any Shark for any reason. Conapesca has a hold on all Shark catching until further notice…..

Christa McCeig and hubby were back with us this year fishing 2 days along with another couple. They caught a Dorado last week but on Wednesday they lucked into a NICE Blue Marlin. Now, unfortunately he died in the fight, but they did not waste the fish, it was good eating!Crista McCeig Larry fought it for “three long hours” as you can see there on the sign! There was not much else to talk about on Wednesday, a Dorado on one boat, Yellowfin on the other…..

Thursday was a little better with The Frieden group catching a nice 56″ Dorado, Jeff Oswalt Released a Striped Marlin, Redrum boat with Captain Omar and Mate Oscar killed it releasing 1 Sailfish and a Striped MArlin with Jose and Jay Young on board. Gilles Houde from Ontario Canada brought along his bro for a couple of days of fishing. They had an awesome couple of days, here is what Gilles wrote : “This was caught on Red Rum – Thursday last week. 9.5’ & over 200 lbs, 30 minutes into the trip. HoudeThis was my brother first time out to sea, what a thrill for him. 30 Minutes after he landed his trophy, I hooked into a 100 Lbs Blue marlin as well, which we landed. Both fish were released. Thank you for a great fishing day!” No, thank YOU Gilles! We hope to see you guys back ’round here real soon!!

I hope this action keeps up next week, but until then,

Thanks for reading!


Gilles Houde


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