Cabo San Lucas Fish Report-June 30th

Hello all! The Dorado are definitely here, far offshore. The inshore is not looking so great, so if you want to catch some fish, your best bet is booking a full day!

Wesley Linscomb, Charles Hillis and Donnie Cooper were back at it again today with Captain Alex and Mate Jesus. They traveled back out about 15 miles passed the Gordo Banks. Again, they had an exceptional day, catching a total of 12 Dorado, releasing 6 of them. Today, Donnie caught the big guy, weighing in at 50lbs, measuring 59″. I’m sure these guys will be back to wreak some havoc out there again real soon!

Jeff Gregston and daughters Jillian and Jerica were out on RedRum for the day with Captain Omar and Mate Americo. They had plenty of action catching 10 Dorado. Jillian caught the biggest of the bunch and they all enjoyed their day.

Jennifer Morley, her hubby and Patricia Miller, Chris Fasano and Courtney Callaway were off on one of our partner boats with Captain Manuel today. They wanted Yellowfin, so Captain Manny headed 58 miles offshore and finally ran into some Yellowfin. Jennifer’s Hubby (sorry hubby, I don’t have your name!) caught a monster 140 pounder, hopefully they will send us a photo. They caught an additional 9 Yellowfin and called it a day!

Our two half-day boats today were both casualties, they did not have enough time to go as far out as needed to get into the fish. That was the Pocurull’s on Rumrunnin, they were here earlier in the week and had more time to do a full day and got lucky then, so at least they got lucky one of the two days! There was also Keven Grewal and his wife on Tantrum who didn’t see much either, they were a super sweet couple though and hopefully they will be back soon!

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