Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – June 8 – 14

Well, we made it through the storm unscathed. Now we have a looming hurricane Carlos threatening to pull our way, but we are crossing our fingers that it fizzles out over mainland Mexico and at the worst, we may have some rain.

We started fishing this week on Tuesday, hopeful that there may be Dorado, that love the chop after a storm, and that the storm did not affect the previous weeks great bite too much! We did have a few unlucky boats on Tuesday unfortunately as the green water had risen and the cooler water moved in. Successful anglers were Jennifer Dill on ReelRum, they released a nice Sailfish. Kevin Klenpf and his family held their trip from Saturday to Tuesday, they released a Striped Marlin. Catch of the day was on RumRunnin with Jeff Tustin. Laura & Jacob caught a Sailfish and A Striped Marlin, which they released. Cory Harrison pulled a close 2nd, just for variety sake, with 2 nice Sailfish. Matthew Jones fished for 3 days on Tantrum, no luck day one, not sure about day 2 and FINALLY day three released a Striped Marlin! Rusty and Debbie Taylor along with Chad Burrow and Nina Rossi fished on 19*’s TOy and had some luck pulling in this nice, 150lb Yellofin.TUNAStillman crew on RUmRunnin released a Striped Marlin before days end. Bryan Friess and Rebecca fished on ReelRum and said they fought a Striped Marlin for 15 minutes before it spit the hook…. Thursday we had 2 boats with 2 Striped Marlin, Ryan Plaff on ReelRum and Jeff Lattanzio on RumRunnin, these guys also released a Pilot Shark. The Erickson’s and Cockroft’s fished on RedRum with Omar & Oscar, they released a Striped Marlin as well. The Hanna’s fished on 19’s Toy and released a Brown Shark, boated a Yellowfin Tuna. Friday was all over the place out there as a couple of boats had no luck, others had plenty! The Barker’s fished on ReelRum and “Mexican released” a shark, they got a Striped Marlin to the boat for a photo op as well. Doug Ferrata and his fam fished with owner Ryan Donovan and his buddy Luis on 19’s Toy for the day. They caught a Striped Marlin, which was released. Look out for Luis around here, he is back after taking about a 7 year hiatus from Cabo, he is now part of Team RedRum again, so if you see him, welcome him to the fold! Luis Louis Sullivan on Adrenaline released a Striped Marlin as well! Brian Anderson and wife along with some friends fished with us on El Nuevo. They caught 2 Yellowfin Tuna. Catch of the day was on Top Gun, they released 2 Striped Marlin, a Skipjack and boated a NICE size Wahoo. Now, Saturday was SLAMMIN”! El Nuevo boat came back with Steve Bentons crew from Texas, they had 8 Yellowfin Tuna on board. The McElheney on Tantrum also caught some TUna and released a Striped Marlin. The Hubbles on RumRunnin were THRILLED, said it was the best fishing trip they have EVER been on! That is a nice compliment! They released 2 Striped Marlin before telling the Captain to take them back! They were tired! Now, Clay Hebert and his buddies had the major catch of the day. The first swordfish that has been caught since I started here almost 4 years ago. The one before that was a monster Swordfish caught in July of 2011, brought in on RedRum with Captain Omar. This time, Captain Ramon, his first EVER Swordfish catch and Mate Julio, his 2nd. These guys were STOKED to say the least. They caught it on Live Bait – 40lb test! 15 miles outside the 11.50 bank. Swordfish) Sunday was a different story. Went back out to where the Tuna were yesterday, gone. All boats did manage to catch a Striped Marlin a piece, except for Top Gun, they had no luck today. Jeremiah Cook who fished all week and had no luck the 1st 2 days, killed it today, 2 Striped Marlin released and 3 Dorado.

Looks like the fishing is finally getting interesting! WOOHOO!! Can’t wait to see what next week brings.

Until then, thanks for reading!


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  • The fishing doesn’t sound to bad and great job on the article keep up the good work Tiffany and look forward to seeing you all again over the 4th and trying my luck on 19’s Toy again. Keep the reports coming as it creates excitement on our end. Take care!

    • Hey Kent!! I will be on vacation the 4th :o( I know you guys will be back pronto though! Give my best to Gail. Safe travels!!

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