Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Last week of September

Hey guys, it has been sooo busy in the office with all the upcoming tournaments and we have been so booked everyday that I have been a real slacker on the fish reports, some due in part to my worsening pregnancy brain 🙂 So, sorry I am not posting by name here, I will do my best to get back on top of things real soon. If you fished during this week and really want your name on here, please leave a comment and or a picture and we will be happy to add you!!

Basically, we have been fishing out on the Pacific side, not too far out passed the light house. The Port was closed TWICE this week due to stinky Tropical Storm Norman, we were not real happy about this. It did not affect the fishing much the first time, in fact, the fishing was pretty good after Tuesday. Our guys were catching nice sized Dorado, some Yellowfin, Sailfish, a few Blue marlin as well as a couple of Stripes. The main Billfish catch was the Sailfish. We also caught a few Wahoo this week as well. After the second shut down of the port, we had a couple of bad days this weekend, but now that October is here, it is starting to be HOT again! Yay for October…..

Thanks guys for reading, we will keep you posted on whats going on here in sunny Cabo San Lucas.


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