Cabo san Lucas Fish Report – Late Winter 2017

Today marks the last day of Winter for us down in Cabo and we are more than excited to start a new season. Since our last report we’ve really been having to work hard to find the fish. Typical for late February and March we are not discouraged but definitely ready for a “change in the tides”.

Some highlights since my last report have been the copious amounts of Spanish Mackerel that we have been catching along the shoreline up the Pacific side. It has not been rare for our boats to come back loaded with 10-15 Sierra a day! Sierra, or Spanish Mackerel almost looks like the little brother of a Wahoo! Fun to catch and great to eat (ceviche) these aggressive eaters were chowing down on anything from small hoochies to stitched ballyhoo.

Our Yellowtail bite was more evident than it has been within the last couple of years and some memorable catches included a few 30-35# fish caught, 2 on our 28’ California TantRum and one by Captain Alex and Ulises on El Nuevo, our 33’ Bertram. Yellowtail Snapper is my personal favorite of fish to eat! The sushi and sashimi platters that can be created with fresh Hamachi are incredible! Congrats to the anglers that were able to get a few to the boat over the last month!

There have been other “must write-about” catches including some nice Rooster Fish, tasty Snapper and Grouper and some impressive Amberjacks coming up as well!

Although this report isn’t ideal for the angler looking to come down and lock into a 200+ lb Billfish, wrestle with a cow tuna or load up on Dorado and Wahoo it serves as a reminder that we are in this sport to keep our anglers happy! As much as we would like to control when the bite turns off and on, the reality is that we can’t! So we’ve got to dig deep into our bag of tricks sometimes and shoot to make your day with us a great experience with what we are given!

Reports are coming in of Tuna and Dorado bites starting to pick up as well as Marlin coming through again!

We got through the winter and now off to bigger and brighter day!!

Welcome Spring Time!!

The RedRum Rundown

Marlin: numbers starting to increase with bait returning to the area and water temperatures warming up.

Tuna: Schools of porpoise are plentiful again and they are holding some Tuna in the 20-30 pound range. Starting to pick up with the bite hopefully on the uphill climb!

Dorado: Few Dorado reports, a couple caught these last 3 weeks. Smaller in size. A good indicator that the fishing is going to start picking up again!

Wahoo: Big when caught! Haven’t seen a lot of action though!


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