Cabo San Lucas Fish Report March 15th – 21st

March15thThe FIW comes from the Barrick Brothers that fished with Captain Gaba and Noe on 19’s Toy.  Although the bros weren’t able to tug on the biggest fish they were happy spending some time with each other on the water.  They caught some serious whale action and hung out with their buddy “Pancho” for a bit!  

Cabo has been filled with Spring Breakers over the last couple of weeks!  The streets, beaches and bars have been filled with students, children and parents from all parts of the States enjoying a 1 week vacation!  Most have been coming through our doors looking for a quick half-day of fishing so they can carry on with their beach parties!  The crews have been keeping them busy pulling up inshore fish like Rooster, Sierra, Grouper and Snapper.  The occasional Tuna and Marlin showed at times but definitely not in droves.

Here is last weeks breakdown:

Tuesday, March 15th:  The marina was empty after 7:00am as all of the boats headed out for a day on the water. Most trips were scheduled for full days except for TantRum with the Reedy Group.  The boat headed out early and as we have seen periodically hooked into a Wahoo right day break!  They also picked upa few Sierra (Spanish Mackerel).  Sarah and Russell Goebel recorded a great catch while fishing on Top Gun with Captain Jorge.  The Texas Couple reeled in a 40+ lb. Dorado!  They also reported several Sierra and Amberjack.

Wednesday, March 16th: Corey Johnson and his group from the Greater Woodlands area of Texas fished their first day aboard El Nuevo and were lucky to bring in a Yellowfin Tuna after spending most of their day “looking for the big one”.  The Wortherspon Party from Thunder Bay ended their outing with a heck of an assortment of fish!  The team on RumRunnin caught 4 Sierra, 1 Jack, 1 Amberjack, 1 Dorado and 2 Needlefish!  Way to go guys!  The rest of the boats had their fair share of Snapper, Trigger and Grouper to add to the days catch.

Thursday, March 17th: The Barrick Brothers (pictured above) fished on 19’s Toy!  Their parents watched as they wrestled in a Bonita and beat up on some triggerfish!  The Joyners on ReelRum landed a nice Grouper, 3 Snapper and 2 Sierra!

Friday, March 18th: It was excited for me to finally see one of the boats come back with a Marlin flag especially being followed by a Release flag!  Captain Chito on Never Give Up hooked into a nice Striped Marlin for the Horsager’s.  The group took it from there and brought the Striped to the boat for some pictures and a release!  Great job!  Captain Omar and Mate Oscar fished with the Kalanick’s aboard RedRum and reeled in 3 nice sized RoosterFish!

Saturday, March 19th: Captain Chito of Never Give Up filled the rest of the boys in on where he saw the Marlin yesterday before Captain Jorge and Captain Omar headed out.  RedRum and Top Gun both headed to the same spots.  Combined they spotted over 5 Striped Marlin tails but unfortunately couldn’t get any of them to take the bait… frustrating!!! Captain Ramon of ReelRum fished a half-day with the Nedelkow Party and caught 2 Big Spanish Mackerel.

Sunday, March 20th: Bottom/Inshore fishing kept the Nelsons and the Deakins busy this morning as they hit the shoreline early and picked away at more Sierra, Jack Crevalle and Amberjack.  The Deakins apparently hooked into a very nice sized Grouper!

Monday, March 21st: Our good buddy Kent Sommer fished his usual 19’s Toy with Jefe, Gaba, Noe and Myself.  Although he’s caught plenty of Marlin with us it seems that we’re always going to land one with him onboard!  Sure enough, Gaba hooked into a Nice Striped Marlin that we were able to Tag & Release!  All other charters headed out for 1/2 day trips and played for par with mixed bags of Sierra, Jacks, Groupers, Snappers and Trigger Fish!

Come on big boys….we’re waiting…..very patiently!


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