Cabo San Lucas Fish Report March 1st – 7th

BarryLaneMarlinThe FIW comes from our buddy Barry Lane.  He and his group fished with Omar and Oscar on the 3rd and were able to Catch and Release two Striped Marlin.  With the fishing the way it is lately they were super stoked on their double billfish day!  Great job Barry!  

Tuesday, March 1st: The month started off a little slow for us down here in Cabo.  While a few boats headed out of the Marina this morning, Captain Gaba and Noe were lucky to land a nice Dorado for the Stewarts on their full day out with them!

Wednesday, March 2nd: Things picked up a little today although the fishing was still tough.  The Crowley Group fishing with Omar and Oscar landed a trio of Sierra while the Irion Party landed 3 Yellowfin and Released a Striped Marlin.  Mr. Slocum fishing with Ramon and Julian on ReelRum was able to Release a Marlin as well!

Thursday, March 3rd: Captain Ramon on ReelRum picked up where he left off yesterday Catching and Releasing another Striped Marlin with our buddy Aaron FowlerBarry Lane and the Ayers party (FIW) released a pair of Striped Marlin while fishing on RedRum, our 31′ Bertram and Captain Alex and Christian rounded out the day with another Stripe Marlin release with the Grantham Group!

Friday, March 4th: RumRunnin, El Nuevo and 19’s Toy each caught Stripe Marlin this afternoon as the bite continued up on the Pacific Side.  The Phillips fishing on RedRum hauled in a few Sierra as well!

Saturday, March 5th:  The inshore bite has continued to produce good numbers for our anglers as well as entertain them while the Marlin bite and other Pelagic critters have seemed to have disappeared.  ReelRum got into the Snapper with the Shay Party while Oscar reeled in more Triggerfish (Chopo) than the Carlon’s knew what to do with.

Sunday, March 6th: Jesus/Jesus teamed up to head out with Dani Stellmach and their party.  They were lucky enough to spot a Striped Marlin sitting on top of the water.  Jesus tossed over a live bait to her and was able to hook her seconds after hitting the water.  The group reeled her in, snapped a few photos and released her back to where she came from!  Nice work!

Monday, March 7th: Scott Anderson brought a few buddies down from Texas to fish with RedRum. Today they split their group into 2 boats, both fishing 31′ Bertram.  Oscar and Omar fished with one pair and stayed tucked inshore catching Sierra, Snapper and Pompano.  Captain Enrique on 31′ Halcon landed a nice Striped Marlin for the group he hosted for the day!  

Town will pick up the next few weeks as Spring Break is upon us!  We can only hope that the fishing will pick up as well!

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