Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – March 22- 24

So, in this report you will REALLY see how temperamental our fishing here in March can be!!

Friday was still a great day of fishing, keep in mind our boats are running almost 40 miles out just to get to the Tuna, that is almost a whole day just to get to and from the fish. The Tuna started out about 12 miles offshore and over the passed few weeks, have steadily moved further and further out.

Nate Goss and his buddies boarded EL Nuevo RedRum for a full day. These guys were such a nice group of guys, I was happy that they boated 18 Yellowfin for the day. They had their some of their catch cooked up at one of our favorite restaurants nearby, Misiones de Kino and loved it.

Mike Ferguson and his fun bunch of people boarded Marlin Queen for a full day. They were happy and really enjoyed their crew Danny and Chito. They boated 19 Yellowfin, which they also had cooked up and loved.

Alan Newell, Boaz Weintraub and Rob Albrect boarded RumRunnin for a full day of fishing with the Jesus’s. They caught 12 Yellowfin Tuna.

Colin Chapdelaine and son Lucas boarded ReelRum for the day with newly engaged couple, Michelle Bauter and Ryan Johnson. These guys had a good day too, boating 8 Yellowfin.

Veteran RedRum anglers Bruce Billings and Franpton headed out for a full day on Tantrum and caught their limit of 10 Yellowfin Tuna. They were at it again on Saturday, decided to head to the Cortez side to look for some Marlin. They had no luck, only SAW one Marlin. Maybe next time guys!!

Rick, Ron and Ricky Hamm decided to board Rumrunnin for the full day instead of the 1/2 that they originally booked, because they knew they would need AT LEAST that long to get all the way out to the Tuna. Unfortunately, the Tuna moved even further away, so they did not catch a ton, but they did boat 2.

John Smith and friend Cheril boated Reelrum for a full day and also headed out to find the Tuna. They caught 3.

Father and son team, John J. and John J. Paschen boarded Tantrum for a 1/2 day. They stayed on the inshore and caught a huge Spanish Mackerel and a Roosterfish.

When Rick Campagna and his buddies came in the office Sunday morning, I let him know the Tuna bite was way too far offshore, so his best bet would be to stay along the inshore and fish. He wasn’t difficult, he just wanted to catch some fish. Him and his buddies fished all the way up the inshore and boated 6 Spanish Mackerel. Super, nice group of guys.

So, you can see how the fishin’ in MArch can turn on a dime, let’s hope it turns back in the right direction soon!!


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