Cabo San Lucas Fish Report March 23 – 29

Hola Amigos!! Looks like Spring break is finally winding down around Cabo. The next couple of weeks will be mostly High School Spring Breakers and the Mainlanders (Mexicans) who will be here celebrating “Semana Santa” or Holy Week. The fishing still is not white hot yet and we had a rather slow week for charters as well, so this report will be short, but sweet! We had a few really bad days at the beginning of the week with almost all of our boats no luck. This is no bueno! No matter where we went, how far, which water temp report we looked at, nothing mattered! Good thing was no too many people had scheduled to fish anyway, they knew what was up 🙂 Later on in the week Glen Cantrill fished alone and changed it up a bot out there, he released the first Striped Marlin we saw this week. He fished on RedRum with Omar and Oscar. Greg and Sam McDaniel had a rough day on Thursday, but gave it another on on Saturday where they caught a nice size Dorado and had a Marlin on for a while before he spit the hook. Nathan Peterson and his crew fished a 1/2 day on Thursday and boated a lone Spanish Mackerel. Friday was not much better, but RumRunnin decided to turn the tides and take the folks out for some bottom fishing on the rocks – FINALLY – FISH 🙂 Zach and Jennifer Fehrenbackher caught 15 Triggerfish, 4 Tilapia and 3 Snapper – now that is all good eating fish! Chad Jackson and crew took out 2 boats and one of the 2, Tantrum enjoyed releasing a Striped Marlin. When people come to Cabo, they want to catch the “BIG ONE”, well, this time a year, you got to go for what is biting if you want to catch! Or, go all in if you are a gambler! Josh Moore, Jamie Mundy and the Francos fished on Tantrum Saturday, they caught a nice Striped Marlin before having to drop off the Francos who got a little seasick – it was rought out there! They went back out to the rocks and picked up 6 Triggerfish. The whole boat had a hand in landing the Striper though!Josh Moore Sunday we had Troy Lettau and fam fishing on Tantrum for a 1/2 day. Captain Ulisses got ’em in the fish along the rocks. They caught 2 Grouper, 3 Rockfish, 6 Triggerfish and whatever this thing was…..LettrauoPicture Book The guys were giving their two cents, after 10 minutes and 50 comments on Captain Ulises FB page, Ash Pickering sent in the proof pic and Ryan Donovan confirmed…. That is a California Sheephead my friends….. wonder how it tastes?! Anyway, looking forward to a more productive week out there, regardless, it is always sunshine and beautiful down in Cabo…. what are you waiting for?!

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