Cabo San Lucas Fish Report March 24 – 30

Hey everybody! Looks like our “winter” is over and it was like it was never here at all! Temperatures never got really cold and a light jacket was all we needed in the mornings. Looks like we are back to A/C and ceiling fans!

This week the fishing was not too bad. As you know, the fishing this time of year can be a bit spotty, especially with the full moon this week. It was not too bad though, with the Striped Marlin bite still hangin’ on. Most boats that did 1/2 day charters did not have much luck at all. The beginning of the week was a little depressing as we had several of our boats skunked. One boat, 19’s Toy that did a 1/2 day with some kids on board, managed to catch a Pompano, some Sierra and a Triggerfish. It wasn’t until Tuesday that we started to see the Striped Marlin again, with one caught on RumRunnin and El Nuevo. The Striped Marlin really were not the “hot” bite, as none of our boats got over 2 this week, not much to speak of really.

We did have a couple of boats pull in some Dorado this week, although that was few and far between…. Steve Kraft and his kids caught a couple on board RumRunnin this Wednesday, nice couple of meals for those guys!

Friday was when the fishing finally picked up a little with a couple of baots releasing 2 Striped Marlin. Honey Bozozi and her husband along with the Guidry’s released 2. Here is a photo of the fisrt, which was about 8 feet long!Honey Bozosi

I sure hope I have some better news for you guys next week!!

Thanks for reading.


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