Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – March 29

Happy good Friday everyone, and a pretty good Friday it was to fish! Nobody got skunked and that is ALWAYS a good day!!

The most action of the day was had by Sharon Weaver and her family, Lexi, Dylan, Nathan and Cassandra. Cassandra pulled in the largest of the two Striped Marlin caught on their boat. Dylan caught the second largest Striped Marlin and Nathan released a Sailfish. What a great day they had!!

Nice young couple Erica and Michael Sweitzer boarded ReelRum for the day. After hearing about the previous weeks Tuna action, they were hoping for some of their own. They did not catch any Tuna, though they did see some schools of Porpoise. They boated one nice size Dorado.

The Hed family, Alan, Lari, Austin and Ethan headed out on RumRunnin for the day with Jesus and Noe. They also had a good day with the Marlin, having 3 on at one time, they finally landed one of the three, which they released, and then caught and released a second Striped Marlin before it was time to come home.

Kevin Kay headed out on one of our partner boats for the day looking for Marlin. Apparently he found one, though he did not report it tom me himself, I heard it from his captain and he also caught a Dorado.

Lastly, we had Nicholas Marz and his gang on board another partner boat for a full day. They also caught and released a Striped Marlin.

Hope you enjoyed, have a great day!!


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