Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – March 30 – April 5

Happy Easter everybody! Hope you guys are enjoying the beginning of Spring and the first official day you can wear white pants/shoes to church on Sunday and get away with it LOL.

We saw a slight pick-up in the number of Striped Marlin caught this week, but the overall catch rate did not increase tremendously. Bert O’malley and his crew started the week off right with a 1/2 day on Never Give Up Monday. They got lucky and released a Striped Marlin. Veteran RedRum anglers Brian, Sandy and Elly were back with us this year and are never disappointed. This year they released a Striped Marlin and boated a Spanish Mackerel. Now, they did admit it was slower than they are used to, but with their luck, they are always “catching”. Love that Elly, she’s so cute 🙂Sandy Amy and Andrew Seal were back again and they too released a Striped MArlin off of RedRum. They also boated 4 Spanish Mackerel. Monday of regulars it was today as we have Peter Greiner back with us fishing on 19’s Toy with his friends. They boated 6 Spanish Mackerel. Bob Pienik and buddies caught the only Grouper of the day, they also boated a Spanish Mackerel and a SkipJack. Mark Reed and Joe Nocita, also RedRum veteran anglers fished ALL WEEK long and had zero luck, thats right! Zero….. They were looking for Marlin and it just wasn’t happening for them this week. Thank goodness they still love us (we hope LOL) and will be back when the Marlin are back in season!! Eli Mercado, TCU alum and friends, fished with us on Tuesday and he had no luck either, as was the same for a couple more boats. Tony and Spencer Clouse had a different day with Spencer catching his first ever billfish! Congrats Spencer! Claude Pumilla and fam had a great day releasing a Striped Marlin and they also boated one of the few DOrado we saw this week. They were fishing about 2-3 miles from shore up by Margaritas beach on the Pacific side. Jen Siedel
and fam realeased a Striped Marlin and boated 4 Triggerfish. Terry Duskocy and Linda Marshall had a pretty good day Wednesday releasing a Striped Marlin. The Sillmans also had a nice day releasing a nice Striper. Sillman8Troy Rademann and his crew enjoyed catching a Dorado, a Spanish Mackeral and a Striped Marlin on 19’s Toy with Captain Gaba. Wednesday was a good day for the Marlin as Brad Sillman also released one. Thursday thru the weekend was a little slower, but we still managed to catch Spanish Mackerel for those who wished to bottom fish early on. Brad Roe was one of the lucky few who caught a Striped Marlin later on this week as did Joe Weiderlight on El Nuevo. He and his crew also boated some Spanish Mackerel and a SkpJack. Clem Cenci and the Dupreys found themselves with multiple marlin hook-ups on Saturday aboard RedRum. They brought in 2, which were released. Brian and Susan Burlingame also caught a couple of Dorado on Saturday which was nice, they also pulled in quite a few Spanish Mackerel. The Bell fam did the same, Spanish Mackerel all around!! Our friend Lauren Franco came in for her birthday weekend – happy birthday girlfriend!! She caught tons of Spanish Mackerel as well along with some Rock fish day one. Lauren Now, I know some people don’t want to go “deep sea fishing” to catch small fish, but sometimes, you gotta go for what is biting!! The water temp is definitely warm enough for Dorado and it feels like Yellowtail season has completely missed us this year because of the warmer than normal temps. The Yellowtail catches have been few and far between this year for sure. Lets look toward the next few weeks where hopefully the Dorado bite heats up, or maybe we get into some Yellowfin Tuna…..

Thanks for reading!


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