Cabo San Lucas Fish Report March 30th – April 6th

TiotunaMike, Megan and Fred Grimes fished with their buddies Ben Mia and Tom Huggins on RumRunnin on Wednesday the 6th.  Captain and Mate Jesus/Jesus worked their tails off to land the group these Yellowfin Tuna.  Mike was determined to catch Yellowfin and Jesus told me after their day that “mi amigo tenia suerte” (his friend had some luck)…. Classic Captain Jesus line.  

After 3 weeks of Spring Break, Semana Santa and other travel days the town has finally calmed down just a little bit!  We always love seeing Cabo at capacity and watching students and families enjoy the beautiful scenery, food and nightlife our town has to offer.  It’s kind of like having a house guest for a few weeks, hate to see them leave but it’s nice to have things “back to normal”… As normal as they get down here!

Wednesday, March 30th:  March comes to and end with only a handful of charters as most of the tourism has taken a little break.  ReelRum and El Nuevo headed out today and still relied on the inshore fishing to help hook them into fish.  ReelRum caught 2 Rooster Fish on their half-day charter with the Mueller’s while the King’s on El Nuevo hooked into Trigger Fish, Grouper and Skip Jack.

Thursday, March 31st: Kurt Ripkey enjoyed a half-day on the water with Oscar and Omar while Boyd Lumsden fished with Captain Gaba on 19’s Toy.  Although the fishing was quiet (inshore bite) a good time was had by all!

Friday, April 1st: Again, RedRum and 19’s Toy were the 2 boats to head out of the marina this morning.  A combined total of 9 Striped Marlin were spotted but neither boat, mate nor angler could get any of them to bite!

Saturday, April 2nd: Our buddy and WestPoint Grad. Chris Pachecojoined us for another day of fishing in Cabo.  He fished on TantRum with Captain Juan and First Mate Humberto.  They spent their day hooking into Sierra and fighting Rooster Fish! Wade Railsback and his wife Tori brought their friends the Smiths and Knight’s down with them from Fort Worth, TX for a couple of days of fishing with Alex on El Nuevo.  Day 1 they wanted Roosterfish as they heard they were one of the more fun fish to catch and have been biting.  Within an hour Captain Alex and Oscar hooked into 3 nice Rooster!  The rest was gravy, the rest was Sierra!

Sunday, April 3rd: A couple of half-day charters with Brian Fike on RedRum and RumRunnin called for a quick Sunday.  Before we knew it Captains Jesus (Rum) and Captain Ulises (Red) were back in the slips.  RoosterFish, Amberjack, Seabass and Snapper were caught by both groups!  The Railsback Party and the Akins wrapped up their full day charters with same species as above, just more of them!

Monday, April 4th: Captain Jesus pulled up a beautiful Yellowtail today, one of size that we haven’t seen in a while.  No pics to prove it but you can take my word for it!  It was a great catch!  The Perry’s were extremely happy with RumRunnin and the way the crew fished!  Captain Gaba also caught several bottom fish including a weird looking SheepHead!

Tuesday, April 5th: With water temperatures warming up a little bit we are hoping the fishing picks up around here soon!  Although we don’t have any problem satisfying our clients with a day of catching we are ready for the big ones again!  Rooster, Trigger and Rock Fish filled orders today for most of the boats.  The Catch of the Day was brought in by Robert Trenary. He and his buddies landed some Yellowfin Tuna out at San Jaime as well as a small Dorado!

Wednesday, April 6th: With reports of some yellowfin tuna buzzing around San Jaime yesterday 2 of our boats decided to head out in search of them!  ReelRum and Captain Ramon as well as RedRum and Captain Ulises opted to stay in shore as they were fishing half-days and the reports were coming in from the fish being at least 25 miles out.  Just a little out of reach for a 5 hour charter.  TantRum and RumRunnin however decided to “go for broke” and look for the tuna.  Mr. Nocita and his buddy Mark Reed fished their 2nd day with us today, hoping for better results than yesterday.  They were content with the pair of nice Yellowfin they caught as were Mike Grimes and his group!  The excitement they had when they got back to the slip was awesome (photoed above)!

As we end our report today on a great note we hope that it continues to pick up!  We appreciate everyone that has been down as of lately.  Trust that our crews are doing everything they can to keep our anglers happy and “in the chair” whether it means an early morning fight with a #25 Rooster Fish or a mid day battle with a #35 Yellowfin!  We’re trying our best for you guys!

Keep fishing,


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