Cabo San Lucas Fish Report-March 4&5

Let me just say, sometimes it is a madhouse in here when all the boats come back, with the office a buzz, everyone buying t-shirts, figuring out who is going to take their fish home or eat it now, when they will be back for it and so forth. Therefore, occasionally, I may hear a fish story and forget to make a note of it. So, if you are ever left out of my report, it is not because you were not special, it is probably because I did not get it on paper. So, please, if that is ever you, and you are reading my report, send me an email or add a comment so we know what your boat caught that day too! Thanks for your help amigos!

Monday morning we had John Oaks and Derek Cockerham out on Tantrum for a full day. These guys fished about 28 miles up on the inshore along the pacific side and brought back 4 Dorado.

Amol Majahan and Anjali Jaia fished out on ReelRum with Ramon and Julian. They had a great day catching 6 Dorado, 2 of which, were released.

El Nuevo RedRum had a nice family on board, the Roberge clan, consisting of Pierre and Caroline, Celeste, Eric and Felix. These guys had a great time with Alex and Jesus catching 8 Dorado.

Johnny Lin and gang headed out for a fourth day of fishing aboard RumRunnin. They wanted to do some inshore, light tackle fishing along the reefs and they had a productive day. They came back saying they had a lot more fun casting and reeling all day long and brought back some nice eating fish. A Yellowtail, a couple of Red Snapper and some Mojarra.

On Tuesday, David and Sonja Shakeshaft ended up having a great day aboard El Nuevo RedRum catching 2 Spaninsh Mackerel, a Mako Shark, which they released, a ton of Bonita and 8 Dorado, 4 of which they also released.

Rick West and his large group of guys headed out on the Marlin Queen for a full day, though I warned him that the Tuna bite had been weak for the past couple of days, he chose to brave it and go all the way offshore to try to catch them! They did catch a couple of Bonita earlier in the day, but other than that, came back without their ton of Yellowfin, maybe next time guys!

Dan Lewis, a Redrum veteran angler went out on Reelrum for a full day. He, too, was adamant about getting to the Yellowfin Tuna. So, he braved the offshore in hopes of boating some Yellowfin. Well, he did not completely lose out! He did end up catching 1 Yellowfin Tuna! He knows that’s how fishin’ is and he wasn’t mad about it….

The Alsips and the Hamras, nice group of guys, headed out on RumRunnin for a full day with the Jesus’s on Tuesday. They had a good day catching 6 Dorado and 2 Bonita.

Rick and Glenda Robles headed out for a 1/2 day aboard Tantrum with Juan and Christian. They caught a Skipjack.

That about does it for my report folks, I know I left out the Matney’s, and if I got something wrong about your day, let me know!

Remember guys, sometimes the fishing is pretty far away, we will put the diesel in the boat to get you there, but sometimes you have to spend more time on the water to get there! If you ever have a question, ask us and we’ll let you know if your 1/2 day should be made into a full one to improve your chances of catching that monster you’ve always dreamt of!

Thank you for reading!


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