Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – March 8 & 9

There is some spotty March fishin’ out there right now folks, but our guys will do their best to get you on the fish!

Friday Peter Pornicula and his crew were on board RumRunnin for the full day and caught 6 Dorado, 2 Skip Jackand a Mako Shark.

Jim Russell and his party were off on Tantrum for the day with Juan and Christian. They also had a great day catching 5 Dorado, 2 Skipjack and a Bonita.

Patrick Halpin, Harrison Covall and Brett Neward were aboard ReelRum for the full day, which they decided to upgrade because the fishing has been so far out. They made a good decision, coming back with 4 Dorado.

Joe Coote, veteran RedRum angler brought along his son for two consecutive days on the water. Day 1 they caught a ton of skipjack and 2 Spanish Mackerel. Saturday Ryan caught and released his very first Stiped Marlin! Congrats Ryan. Check him out in the photo! 20130309_104224_resized_1

Now Saturday, the winds were strong on the Pacific so all of our boats headed out to the Cortez side looking for Marlin. Most of them got lucky.

Kelly Mucha and Steve Merrick boarded RumRunnin for the day, they caught and released a Striped Marlin.

Lauren Rich (my Carolina home girl) and Kevin Blanton on ReelRum also released a Striped Marlin. They upgraded from a half day as well to be able to get out where the Marlin were. Check Lauren’s Marlin out in the photo! DSCN0568

Alan Eden brought along his son and a friend for the full day on RedRum. These guys got bored with the lull in the action and called it quits early. Maybe next time there will be some more action out there!!

Lastly, Christopher and Richard Charleton and Sheryl Wendt were on board El Nuevo for they day. They caught and released a Striped Marlin and a huge Jack Crevalle.

Awesome job guys!!

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