Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – May 11 – 17

Hola Amigos!! Everything pretty much remained the same this week, with the majority of the catches being Striped Marlin. Temperatures were cooler than normal and it was pretty windy out there. We actually had some rain on Thursday, which is very rare for our little desert community! It was nice for me though and I had the day off, so I took advantage and grabbed an afternoon nap!

We saw the first of a couple of Roosters this week, which we are catching up by San Jose. Don Papke caught the first on Monday on Tantrum with Captain Juan. Wasn’t much else to day about Monday…..We had mostly half day boats on Tuesday which did not bode well for them. Except for a panga boat that we had out Reef fishing, they caught a bunch of SkipJack and a couple of Bonita, as did another 1/2 day boat, Mitchel & Rob on RumRunnin, they also caught some Triggerfish. Dan Atkinson had some luck on RedRum, being one of the only boats to release a Striped Marlin Tuesday. John Connally from Texas, who has fished with us in the past also had no luck on Tuesday, but Thursday on RedRum, released 2 Striped Marlin. Nice ones too!Marlin Connally Jim Crossman onboard RumRunnin with the Jesus’s released a Striped Marlin on Wednesday. David Milkes and Tammie Ellington had a banner day on El Nuevo with 3 Striped Marlin released, they also had a couple of Bonita. It started to get a little batter as the week wore on! Sean Ghrahm and crew on RumRunnin released a Marlin on Thursday as did Rodney Lang and Shawn Blaha who also caught some Triggerfish, Snapper and a Pilot shark. Ronald Samuels, fishing a 1/2 day on Tantrum picked up some SkipJack. Eugene Ulrich and crew fished for 2 days on El Nuevo and released 3 Striped Marlin in all. Mike Belcher and his crew on Colleen’s Magic Friday released a Striped Marlin. Greg Bell rented 3 boats for his crew on Friday. They did a great job and caught one of the first Wahoo this season! They also released 4 Striped Marlin and 2 Pilot shark. Andrew Witt and buds fished on 19’s Toy and released this nice Striper… Witt Marlin The Lang fam fished on Saturday aboard RedRum and released 2 Striped Marlin. Ben Anderson and his crew fished 2 days on RedRum. Friday they had 1 Marlin “Mexican release” haha and Sunday released 2 Striped Marlin, 2 Lemon Shark (according to the crew!) and a Thresher Shark. Shawn Jordan and friends fished on 19’s Toy Sunday and picked up 3 Pilot Shark. Of course all the Shark have to be released per the fishing department until further notice.

Thank you for reading!!


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