Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – May 12 – 18

I hope everyone has had an AWESOME week! We are really heating up here in Cabo, and I mean literally! Temps were in the 90’s nearly all week long, I already have to have the A/C on in the office by 11:00. That is good news for fishing though. With water temps steadily creeping on up, that can only mean the fishing is about to get hot as well!

The hot bite is still the Striped Marlin here, mostly being caught now around the 95 and Herradura on the Cortez side. Monday was a great start to the week with all boats releasing at least one Striped Marlin and Joe Smith and crew leading the pack on RumRunnin with the Jesus’s releasing 3! Tuesday and Wednesday were even better. On Tuesday, we had 3 boats release 4 Marlin, including Ryan Palmer and crew, in the pic is Quinton with his first ever!Jesus and Jesus Palmer The other 2 boats on Tueday each released 2 Striped Marlin a piece. We only had 3 boats out on Wednesday, but they released 10 Striped MArlin in total and all had great fun. Fishing slowed a bit on Thursday and Friday, as we did not see those numbers those days, but Jennifer Cardinal and her wedding party did pretty good, with 2 boats catching a total of 3 Stripers and a nice Thresher Shark.

The weekend was a pretty good weekend as well with 90% of boats returning with fish. The nice surprise of the day was on Friday when Ted Hynes and his crew pulled in the very first Blue Marlin of the season. Big guy unfortunately dies in the fight, but they were able to weigh him at at 310. Not Bad!Blue Marlin The released 3 more Striped Marlin the next day on 19’s Toy. The boat/Crew of the weekend went to Captain Omar on RedRum with Grant Anderson and his crew who were along for the ride in our Stay & Play package deal. They released 7 Striped Marlin on Saturday, and 4 on Sunday along with a Thresher Shark. Awesome day for those guys!

I can only hope that the first Blue Marlin catch of the year being so early means great things for the fishing! Now, for the Dorado, Wahoo and Tuna to start coming in so we can all have a nice dinner 🙂

Thanks for reading everybody!


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