Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – May 13-15

Hola amigos! It sure is beautiful here in Cabo right now, but as for the fishing… Umm, well! Judge for yourself!!

Let’s start with the bad news first. Michael Neary and Emily Smith boarded Tantrum for a full day, they had no luck out there, hopefully next time!!

Joe Keiffer, Michelle and Matt Parsons and Deb Watson abaord El Nuevo with Alex and Jesus. They caught and released a Striped Marlin.

Ben Allen and Chelsea Clurry boarded RedRum for a full day with Captain Omar. They had a great day, each one releasing a Striped MArlin.

Jim Satterfeild and his buddies on RumRunnin also had a lot of luck out there releasing 2 Striped Marlin.

Fritz Hoffman and buddies Jeff and Rick boarded ReelRum for two days of fishing. Day 1 they caught and released 3 Striped Marlin, day 2 Fritz bruoght along Nathan and Jacob, now maybe those boys were not as good of luck because on Tuesday they caught only a SkipJack.

Coy and Julie Highsmith boarded RumRunnin for a full day. I hope those guys enjoyed their day on the water despite the fact that they had no luck with the fish.

Gary Marriage boarded Tantrum for a 1/2 day inshore trip. He told me he just wanted to catch Roosterfish, it was on his bucket list. He had some luck! He caught 2 nice size Roosterfish, about 25-30 lbs and a couple of Bonita.

Daniel Eubanks and buddies Frank, Ray, Zane and John boarded Colleen’s Magic for a 1/2 day charter. These were super nice guys, don’t know if it is because most of them were from my neck of the woods, one of them even from my actual hometown, Mooresville, NC. 🙂 Either way, they did not get mad at me when they only caught a Bonita. They know it is fishing and had a great time regardless!

Jerry and Susan Richards fished Wednesday aboard Tantrum for a full day. They lost a Marlin and caught a Bonita.

Veteran RedRUm fisherman Ken Kessler was aboard ReelRum with buddy Robert Paul. They had no luck on their half day, but Ken will be back!

Edward and Natasha Sapienza boarded RumRunnin for the day. They were happy that they caught and released a Striped Marlin.

Louis Chirillo, Lindsay Rivea, Kali Vail and Jeremy Wilcott headed out on El Nuevo for a full day. They had the best day of all of our boats, releasing 2 Striped Marlin and a Whale Shark.

That about does it. Thanks for reading everybody.


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