Cabo San Lucas Fish Report- May 22nd… Dorado are back!

Hola amigos, Dorado are back!

It’s that special time of year where you can fish both sides of the Cape and have two very different fisheries. Up near the lighthouse on the Pacific the water is 65-66 degrees and perfect for Yellowtail. While over on the Sea of Cortez, near Santa Maria and Chileno Bay the water is 76-77 and the Dorado and Marlin are abundant. Really cool little window that we should have for a month or so!

Juan on the TantRum was fishing with the Macnamara’s and they had 4 Dorado, 3 of which were really good size fish. 1 was probably a release fish but absolutely inhaled a small lure and would not have made it. They also caught 5 Yellowtail, so they had some real nice fish to show for it. They also picked up 5 Sierra and 5 Skipjack on the troll so they had plenty of action all day. They did pitch bait to several Marlin, no takers.

The Johnson’s on Colleen’s Magic, decided to stay inshore today and get some variety after catching a Marlin Yesterday. They had Yellowtail, Roosterfish, Skipjack’s and Sierra!

Mike Cahill fished with Danny and Chito on the Marlin Queen and they too had a killer day with lots of variety. 1 Marlin C/R, Roosters, Sierra, Yellowtails and Skipjack.

Ryan Grippo is still fishing as of 4pm, last I heard from one of the other boats is that they had 3 Marlin on the line at the same time. I cannot confirm or deny this fish story as of yet?


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