Cabo San Lucas Fish Report May 25 – 31

Hola AMIGOS! What an AWESOME week it has been for Striped Marlin. We had our first Blue Marlin caught with our fleet on Monday. Congrats to Jared Provenda and his crew who fished on board our new addition “Adrenaline” with Captain Moro and mate Juan. The Cahill’s, RedRum veteran anglers fished on 19’s and released 2 Striped Marlin. Malory Granz and her fam killed out there with the Jesus’s on RumRUnnin, they did a 1/2 day and released 5 Striped Marlin, they def had the catch of the day! Tremblin’ arms to I’d imagine 🙂 Walter and Sandra Morse were back on their favorite boat, Tantrum, they got blanked, but said for some reason, that always happens to them day 1 – sorry to hear that! They made it back later in the week though and released 2 off of the same boat! Awesome job guys! Casey Kartchner and group fished for their final of three days on RedRum, they caught a nice sized Wahoo. Kim and Jerry Griffin had another stellar trip off of another of our new additions, “Top Gun”. They released 4 Striped Marlin in 2 days and caught a Dorado.
19’s Toy kept it up on Tuesday with Chuck Hudson and his friends. They released 2 Striped Marlin and a Silky Shark. GiGi Vandeventer who we met last year through one of our CCA Stay & Play packages, booked a trip for her son Adam and friends to celebrate “cancer free” fishing in Cabo Cabo!! His cancer is gone and we are so happy he came to share part of his RedRum trip with us. We are so happy that and pray for continued health and happiness for Adam and all the Vandeventers!! You can follow his jourbey on fb @Adams-Lymphoma-Journey-Our-Faith-Journey. Adam released a Striped Marlin off of El Nuevo RedRum.Adam Vandeventer Shelley and Charles Brooks enjoyed releasing a Striped Marlin a piece with the boys on RedRum. Omar & Oscar always aim to please!
Maegan Duncan and her friends could not have asked for a better bite, Tuesday as they fished with Juan and Humberto on “Tantrum”. There was no tantrums had that day as they released 3 Striped Marlin and boated 2 Dorado. Bob sauder and crew on RumRunnin released 2 Striped Marlin to end a beautiful and successful day of fishing Tuesday.
Wednesday and Thursday we saw a drop as the water was pretty rough with Hurricane Andres REALLY far out there in the Pacific, but still causing some rough waters for our anglers. We had a few boats come back a little woozy. Daniel Casanova and his buds were one of those boats, but not before they were able to release a Striped Marlin. Gil Ramirez and buddy Miles fished with Ramon on ReelRum, they also released a Striped Marlin. We had another 1/2 day boat who came back a little skunky too on Wednesday. Now, my report is gonna be a little spotty for Thursday as I don’t have all the reporting in. Like, my girl Earline Rust was on Tantrum and I don’t know how she did, well, maybe she will respond here and let us know! John Dippel caught a Yellowfin Tuna on the blind. He was on RedRum with buddy Shaun and their sons. Ken Kessler, who fishes with us yearly brought along John Malloch and they did a 1/2 day on ReelRum. They had some good luck, boating 2 Dorado and reeling a Hammerhead Shark to the boat.
Friday proved to be quite the successful day as well! Both of our 28′ boats pulled in 2 Striped Marlin a piece, Scott Lightfoot on Never Give Up caught 2 nice Dorado. Ross Wilkersons party fished on 2 boats and boated 4 Dorado, 2 Bonita and they released a total of 2 Striped Marlin and 3 Shark! Saturday was a little slower out there, but the Bretkos on ReelRum still reeled in 2 Shark – they are still illegal to harvest right now in Mexico. David Liebental and his boys fished for three days and stayed at our condo. They released 5 Striped Marlin in all and caught a Yellowfin Tuna. Adrian LLamas released a Striped Malina off of RedRum as did Larry Thanes and Denise Powell, they also had a “Mexican” release – came off right at the boat! Jason Keller and all his boys were living it up in our COndo’s on a Play & Stay as well. They did 2 days on El Nuevo with Cappy Alex and Charlie. They released 2 Striped Marlin and boated 4 Yellowfin. The Jewell’s and Talbot’s fished off ReelRum Sunday and brought in the one of the first Sailfish of the season. They released it, of course as well as a Striped Marlin. David Gonzales and Micheal Anderson fished off Tantrum for 2 days. David says he is so “salado” when he is on a boat, they never have any luck. Well, after 20 years, David got his first Striped Marlin EVER! As did his buddy Michael. Congrats guys!! Kellie Nicely is the opposite end of the spectrum, she is one of the luckiest anglers! She always boats the most fish and just has a great attitude while she’s at it! She was down with hubby Gary and son Grant along with a buddy, Allen. They caught 3 Striped Marlin day one on Rumrunnin with the Jesus’s, did I say it was a HALF day?? See what I mean, lucky girl!!Nicely Marlin Jesus's The fishing is awesome folks, come on down and see what you are missing!!

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