Cabo San Lucas Fish Report May 7th – 15th

Tausha Young and family!
Tausha Young and family!

The FIW comes from Mrs. Tausha Young and her family after a day on the water with Noe and Christian.  The following was received from Mrs. Young after their 3 days on the water with RedRum: “We had the privilege of spending several days with Noe and Christian on 19’s toy. In 3 days, we caught, tagged, and released 8 Marlin. We can’t begin to thank the Redrum team enough for their amazing hospitality and unrelenting desire to keep catching fish! You guys truly are the best, and you absolutely made this a trip of a lifetime! Cheers from Derby City, Kentucky! See you soon!”. Thanks for the kind words!  See you soon!  

Saturday, May 7th: We were a little bummed out that we have had a few last second cancellations because “the fishing isn’t good” or reasons of the like but we didn’t let that slow our 2 boats down today!  Captain Juan and Humberto headed out with Mr. and Mrs. Joel Salinas from Pharr, TX!  After fighting a massive 8′ Hammerhead for over an hour they released the fish after bringing her close enough to the side of the boat!  They also landed plenty of fish to eat on the way in, Snapper, Grouper and Triggerfish will be on their menu tonight!  The Garland’s fishing with Captain Ulises and Christian spent the latter part of their afternoon fighting Striped Marlin!  They released 2 today, one was 92″ while the other was close to 100″!  Great job guys!

Sunday, May 8th: Happy Mother’s Day!  A beautiful day to get out on the water and look for some fish!  Morey Ray and his group headed out on El Nuevo with Alex and were able to release a Striped Marlin as well as a Dorado that didn’t quite make the cut!  Kyle and Laura Lawrence fished with Captain Ramon on ReelRum and spent their day on the inshore.  The couple picked up 3 Roosterfish, 1 Grouper, a SkipJack, 1 Sierra and lost a Jack Crevalle.  Talk about a mixed bag!  Matthew Hunter caught a nice Dorado aboard TantRum with Captain Juan! Meanwhile, the Cowans fishing on Rum Runnin released a pair of Striped Marlin, 2 Thresher Sharks and a SkipJack.  Steve Ridgway fished with Captain Chito on Never Give Up and released a Marlin.  Oh So Rojo followed up her breakout performance with owner John Donovan and myself.  Captain Ramon and First Mate Marcos are getting more and more comfortable with the boat each day.  While working out the kinks we managed to release a big Sailfish in the morning, a 100″ Striped Marlin early in the afternoon and a Dorado late in the game!  Oh So Rojo is a Billfish raising machine!!  We couldn’t be happier with the progress.  

Monday, May 9th: The week started off on a high note as the half-day that cruised in (twice) ended with 2 Dorado and a Yellowfin!  Dusty Nichols and his buddies headed out on TantRum and after not feeling that well decided to cut their day short.  One of the anglers, Clinton Stafford decided he was going to finish the day out.  He was sure glad he did as he reeled in 2 nice Dorado as well as a Yellowfin with Captain Juan and Humberto cheering him on!  The Young’s fished on La Paloma this morning after mechanical issues led to a late start!  After deciding to fish inshore the family ended their day with a few bottom fish and lots of laughs!  Mike Cahill and his team fished on 19’s Toy and Sniper, tallying 1 Sailfish and 2 Thresher Sharks that were released!  A half-day charter on Never Give Up with the Wysocki’s proved to be productive as they finished with a pair of Yellowfin for dinner!

Tuesday, May 10th: James Duncan had quite the interesting morning with Omar and Oscar.  As he was scheduled to fish on El Nuevo he ended his day on RedRum with a Stripe Marlin release under his belt, long story!  The Smith Party had a blast fishing with Noe and Ramon onboard they fought a Thresher Shark for over an hour!  They also released 2 Silk Sharks!  Andrew Chaing and his friends got off to a little late start yesterday morning but it worked out as they reeled in a nice Wahoo and a Bull Dorado for the freezer!

Wednesday, May 11th: A busy morning yielded quite the mix of fish at the end of the day!  Leading the day’s catch was the Young’s fishing on 19’s Toy.  The family was able to catch and release 4 Striped Marlin after enduring a slower day yesterday!  Andrew Chaing headed out for their second day on the water and landed another Dorado to add to their total.  Our buddy Troy (local legend) fished with Oscar and Omar on RedRum and landed a nice Dorado and a big Wahoo!  While the Bestwicks brought in 2 decent sized Yellowfin!

Thursday, May 12th: The Youngs headed out for their 3rd day on the water, fishing with Gaba and Noe on 19’s Toy!  They continued to bring luck on their side as they were able to release another 3 Stripe Marlin!  The Arneys fishing on ReelRum landed a few Grouper on their half-day charter with Ramon and Julian on ReelRum!

Friday, May 13th: The Arneys teamed up with Tai Luu, a solo angler looking to get into some action.  The 3 of them were able to bring in 3 Yellowfin and a Dorado to split!  While the Crawfords fishing on RedRum and RumRunnin headed out looking for billfish!  They were glad they chose those 2 boats as they totaled 7 Striped Marlin Released!

Saturday, May 14th: RumRunnin didn’t have as much as they did yesterday and a pretty frustrating day as they saw 6 Stripe Marlin and couldn’t get any of them to eat!  Gary Jackson fished a half-day on TantRum with Captain Juan and was able to land/release a Marlin!

Sunday, May 15th: Austin Lutz and his family from the Houston, TX area fished on RumRunnin with Captain Jesus and Mate Christian.  The family released a Striped Marlin and also landed a Wahoo for dinner!  Captain Juan rounded his week out with another Stripe Marlin released with Kristian Hansen.  

May seems to be off to a nice start!  As Mother’s Day came and went we want to recognize all the mothers out there that either allow their husbands and children to fish or (even better) love getting on the water and enjoying everything Sport Fishing has to offer!

Cheers to you Madres,


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