Cabo San Lucas Fish Report- Mid-February Recap- Still on Fire!

Bucket List #72-Check!
Cabo is still on fire, unbelievable for this time of year. I have talked to several older Captains and chalk it up to memory loss or the fact that it truly hasn’t happened before, but none of them have been able to recall a February where we were still catching Dorado, Wahoo, Yellowfin and Marlin. One day last week we had a few clients that wanted Marlin, two of our boats that went up to the Golden Gate Bank, on the Pacific side, reported Marlin “jumping over each other.” Each boat came back with 5 and 6 Stripers released respectively. The following day the word was out and many boats headed up towards the Golden Gate, Marlin fishing was a little slow, so a few of our boats headed a little south to an area we call Poza de Cota. Massive schools of Dorado were all over the place and boats were hooking 10-15 Dorado a day, good size fish too. I actually had a client (one of these nothing could ever please him types,) that came in and was mad that he ran out of bait and he wanted to catch a Marlin. I asked him why they ran out of bait, “Well we hooked 12 Dorado.” He told the Captain to go back to the Marina, all the while the Captain was trying to tell him that they could go catch more bait very easily, and still have a shot at a Marlin. Can’t please them all. The next day was Yellowfin, one of our boats, TantRum was the first to find a big school of Porpoise traveling with Tuna. He called over the other RedRum boats and everyone easily got their limit. The TantRum had 18 bites before the second RedRum boat reached the frenzy. Some of our boats that fished that school reported up to 30 hook-ups. Yellowfin were in the 20-50lb class, so nice action on smaller tackle.

If you read my Fish Report on a regular basis, you may remember that 4 or 5 months ago, I predicted we would have excellent fishing through January and maybe even February. Now it looks like it could continue into March. This is the time of year that we take the 50’s and 80’s off the boats and replace them with the 16’s and 20’s since we are usually catching Yellowtail, Sierra and a Yellowfin or Striped Marlin here or there. That being said, clients have had a blast catching good size Tuna and Dorado on the lighter tackle. The fish that had to have been a workout was the 54lb Wahoo (Pictured) that one of our clients caught on the new Shimano Torium 16. However, the crews have been a little reluctant to take all the big game tackle off the boats as Cabo saw it’s first Grander Marlin in over 10 years hit the scales last week, weighing in at 1070lbs. Trolling a “Eat Me Lures” Blue and White cup face lure around a school of Yellowfin, a monster Blue Marlin came up and engulfed the lure and the 8 hour fight commenced. Thinking back, a lot of those old school Captains I have had the pleasure to meet and fish with have told me that their biggest Marlin ever came in an “off month” like February, March or April. Plan a trip today and maybe you’ll get your chance at a Grander, or at least have a ton of fun with the Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo and Striped Marlin bite.



Ryan Donovan, along with his father John, own and operate Cabo San Lucas’ top charter fleet, RedRum Sportfishing. With boats from 28′-50+’, they have something for every angler and every budget. RedRum can be reached at 760-481-7667 or through their website,

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