Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – MONSTER Tuna!!!!!!!

We have to begin this report by talking about the HUGE Yellowfin caught by Greg Cocca and his buddies, Darin Pepin and Jamie McAlpin. Let’s talk about a whopping 280 pounder! CrAzY big! They also caught a NICE Dorado and 8 more Yellowfin. They won’t be short on Tuna filets anytime soon! Sashimi anyone? Check out the photo of these proud anglers….. (Click on the picture if you want to see it BIGGER!)

Scott Patterson and Ian Peckal headed out for a 3rd day on the water, this time aboard RumRunnin with Captain Jesus 3 and Mate Jesus 1. They had a pretty good day themselves, with each catching a billfish, Scott an 85lb Sail and Ian a 120lb Striped Marlin. They caught 3 more Yellowfin, one of which was eaten right next to the boat by a Mako shark, which they ALMOST caught too….. Great job guys! We’ll see y’all back real soon!

David Cobb and Carl Bernett headed out on El Nuevo for the day with Cappy Alex and Mate Jesus 2. They had a great day catching 15 Yellowfin Tuna, 5 of which they released.

Brittany Brozeit and Sherman Letton headed out on Tantrum for the day with Captain Manuel and Edgar. They too caught their limit in tuna, boating 10 Yellowfin.

Tim Graber, Jeff Babcock, Chris McDonough and Bob Dumm set out on their first of 2 days fishing aboard Big Papi with Captain Julio, Mate Ulysses and Freddy. They had a lot of fun Friday catching 3 Yellowfin and Bob catching a 190lb Striped Marlin. Nice…..

Scott Shultz and Ben Kopla headed out on one of our partner boats, Rosy with Captain Ramon. They had a great day, catching 12 Yellowfin, 2 Dorado and over 20 Bonita. Nice job guys!

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