Cabo San Lucas Fish Report Nov 10 – 16

AMIGOOOOSSSS!!!! What an excellent week of fishing it has been! Cabo is definitely back my friends and the fishing is incredible!! Come on down to get a piece of the action! We had Ed and Tammy Valencia back fishing with us this week. They went out on ReelRum day one and caught 8 Dorado, released 4. Thy decided to head out on Nuevo day 2 to look for some big game! They caught one nice Big Blue Marlin and lost another… barely 🙂 Craig and Anna Klug were back again this year on RedRum and caught their limit in Dorado and released a Striped Marlin . Matt Peterson brought a group of friends/fam down for fun and fishing. There were 14 in this rowdy bunch from Louisiana. They had an excellenty time fishing 2 days, catching way over their limit in Dorado and some Striped Marlin. I believe they even picked up a Yellowfin Tuna or two! These guys packed up 3 fish boxes and still were not able to get all their fish home!!! If y’all are hungry for some Mahi-Mahi – you better call Matt Peterson 🙂 YOUR WELCOME MATT!!! HAHA! Jeromy Edler and Kristie Jaeger went out for 3 days on 2 of our boats, they KILLED it out there! In all, they caught 14 Dorado, a Wahoo, 11 Yellowfin Tuna and released 5 Striped Marlin, unless you count the 6th – it was what we call a “Mexican release”, they lost it right at the boat! Tons of these beautiful creatures around right now!!MARLIN Buddy Roger Huffman was back down with his crew. They fished 3 days with their fave crew, Alex and Charlie on El Nuevo. They caught a ton of Dorado, a couple of Yellowfin and released a few Striped Marlin.

Thomas GInn opted for a day solo on Tantrum. He caught SO MUCH fish, he told ’em to turn the boat around early!! He caught 10 Dorado and 2 Wahoo. Matthew Loessin and crew had an awesome day on Never Give up day one of their trip by catching 5 Dorado, but that did not EVEN compare to the 6 Marlin they released day two along with the 2 more Dorado and YF Tuna!! Greg Nygren and his crew come down yearly as an company incentive trip, nice incentive!!! This year they had an EXCELLENT TOURNAMENT!!! These guys caught SO much fish, they filled up 2 of our freezers!! I can’t even type out the quantity that their 5 boats caught, but it was lots and a nice variety, these guys left stoked this year!! William Wilcox Jr & Sr fished with us this year along with Ashley Wilcox. They had an awesome time. They released 8 Striped Marlin in all – that’s right – EIGHT!!!! and caught plenty of Dorado. Ashley has a nice cow in the photo along with the 2 Williams with one of the Marlins they released!WilcoxWilkcox Sheryl Burns took a turn with her crew for 2 days and also had an amazing trip. They released 3 Striped Malrin in all, Caught a total of 8 Dorado and even boated a Yellowfin Tuna!! Richard Walter was back with us this year for 2 days and did not take a break! He released 4 Striped Marlin, boated 8 Dorado and a Wahoo on Friday aboard 19’s Toy and Sunday released a nice Sailfish and boated some more Dorado! GReat days for our pal Richard!!

Like I said guys, Cabo is back and so is the fishing! Get your tickets, there are LOTS of good deals right now!!!

See y’all soon and thanks for reading!!


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