Cabo San Lucas Fish Report November 15th – 21st



The Featured Image of the Week is a collage of photos taken during the Los Cabos Charter Boat Classic that took place this week.  Above is a member of the Wilcox group Catching & Releasing a beautiful Striped Marlin!  RedRum always encourages the release of 100% Billfish caught while fishing with us!  We are now “tagging” fish so you can have a chance to actually “TAG & RELEASE” your catch and become part of some awesome research that the RedRum family has taken part of!  Below are 2 of the many winning members of the 4 day long tournament!  

Picking up where we left off on Sunday the 15th with Ashley Wilcox and her group mentioned in last weeks fish report!  They had another great day fishing with Charly and Alex on El Nuevo, cleaning it up with Dorado and a nice Marlin (Featured Picture)!  Thanks again guys for making RedRum your preferred charter company, see you next year!  Or hopefully sooner!  Robert Wood and the Katz had a great day on the water fishing with Jesus/Jesus and limited out on Dorado!  Jason Hobart and Michael McGinnis fished with Ramon and Julian aboard ReelRum and had a fun time catching 5 Dorado.  My buddy Michael Wingard from McAllen, TX had his 2nd outing with 19’s Toy and Captain Gaba, they were able to get into a small school  of Yellowfin that they took up to their villa and had a private chef take care of them!  Oscar and Omar fished with the Feldman Party on RedRum and were also able to put them on a few Tuna as well, only to be outdone by the Reeds fishing on TantRum with Juan and Humberto, landing 10!  The Slaughter party continued their days on the water with Colleen’s Magic and were able to Catch and Release a Striped Marlin and a 300# Class Blue Marlin!!  Great job on the Blue!!

Patty Yarbrough fished with her favorite Captain and Mate in Cabo, JESUS/JESUS on RumRunnin on Tuesday and had a great time Catching and Releasing a Striped Marlin, landing 5 Tuna and 1 Dorado!  Jonathan Lord and Jenna Dutschman fished on Reel Rum and also Caught & Released a Striped Marlin.  The Forensi & McAuliffe party fishing for a half-day on Never Give Up were happy with their results.  They were able to catch 4 nice sized Dorado in only 5 hours of fishing!  Great job!  Michael Wingard pressed his luck and decided to head out for a 3rd day, this time on El Nuevo and was sure glad that he and the boys did!  They were able to add another 5 Dorado to their freezer and were also to raise and land a Sailfish while fishing with Alex and Charly!  Riley Feldman and his group continued their multi-day booking on RedRum and went 11 for 15 on Dorado, throwing back 4 that were undersized to round out the day.  TantRum and 19’s Toy both stayed back today to get them ready for the upcoming Los Cabos Charter Boat Classic Tournament.

11-15 Image

Tueday, November 17th – Day 1 Los Cabos Charter Boat Classic Tournament:

The Los Cabos Charter Boat Classic has become popular amongst our anglers and it seems like this year we had the most overall success versus any other fleet on the Marina.  For a total recap you can head to

We had our good buddy Joe Assenza and his team fishing wtih Alex on El Nuevo for the 4 Days of the tournament and had a great time.  They made it to the scales several different occasions including 1 for biggest overall dorado and the other for 1st place female Dorado!  Day 1 couldn’t have ended any better for the Tunnards/Jobes fishing with Ramon and Julian.  Stephanie Jobe ended up as 1st place female Dorado winner of the day and Caleb Jobe claimed 2nd place overall Dorado as well.  The group was able to take home a little cash and have a lot of fun!  Great job guys.  The Reeds fished their final day on RedRum and Caught and Released a Marlin as well as landing 7 Tuna, not entered in the tournament though.  Amongst the other groups entered, the Bellews fishing on 19’s Toy landed a Dorado as did Joe Assenza and the Baileys aboard RumRunnin landed a Striped Marlin for release.


The 2nd Day of this tournament brought just as much excitement with lots of boats heading out and a lot of boats catching fish!  The scales opened up at 3 and the weigh masters were plenty busy!  Luckily for Jason and Heide Vincent the Dorado they weight early held up and was able to maintain the lead for Day 2 Dorado!  (Pictured Below)


Along with the rest of the boats in the tournament, The McDowell/Williams party fishing aboard RedRum with Omar and Oscar caught and released a Striped Marlin as well as 2 Dorado.  Teams Assenza, Bellew and Bailey continued their efforts to get on the leader board!  Farrell and Regina Metzger had an awesome day fishing with Chito on Never Give Up!  I never got the exact number but as the boat came into the marina one outrigger was full of Dorado flags while the other outrigger was full of Tuna flags!  Assuming they had a pretty good day!

12 boats headed out under RedRum on the 19th which made for a hectic morning and an even crazier afternoon trying to get all the days catch vacuum sealed!  Most boats hit their limits of Dorado as the bite continued to stay red hot!!  The Stromeyers aboard TantRum had a Marlin.  The Ha Party on Reel Rum limited out on Dorado as did the Baileys and the Strouds (RedRum and RumRunnin).  RedRum owner, Ryan Donovan hopped on board El Nuevo to fish with his buddy Joe A. for the day.  They went looking for Tuna which Ryan does best but fell a little short!  The Kreneks, a CCA affiliated group fished their 2nd Day on Top Gun and had a lot better Day 2 catching their limit of Dorado with Captain Jorge!  Jay Calvetto brought his boys down to fish a few days with us and started off with Adrenaline.  They were able to Catch & Release a Marlin as well as bring a few small bonita to the boat…. just warming up! 

Friday was the day for our little Angler of the Week, Peyton Calvetto!  (Pictured below, middle). 


The official weight on his fish was just a “hair shy” of  the overall Youth Angler of the day but he was the definite crowd favorite at the scales!!  Way to go Peyton!!

Other than Peyton stealing the show, our other boats did pretty good as well!  Bryan Ha and his friends fishing aboard Rum Runnin caught 4 Nice Dorado, Team Bellow made it to the scales with a nice 33.2 pound Yellowfin caught by my amigo Brook Livingston. (Pictured Below with his prized catch)!! Great job Brook! Way to stick with it and work hard for the catch.  You guys were troopers all throughout the tournament!  It was great meeting you and running into you at the airport!

Brook2 Laurence Cohen and his buddies fished on Sniper and landed 11 Dorado, Natalie Karnas caught a 21.1 pound Dorado to get her to the scales while fishing on ReelRum.  Cody Lavalett caught a snapper as well as a Dorado on his outing with Top Gun.  Michell Bergeaux and Carlo Palomino fished with Captain Jesus and Mate Humberto on TantRum and landed 6 nice Dorado to round out the day!

The week ended rather quietly as far as the fishing goes with a few boats heading out with no luck, fishing is fishing!  Some boats that did come back with some included Reel Rum fishing with my buddies from back home, Andoni Zagouris and Sonny Lazo. The two Texas boys were able to wrestle a Sailfish to the boat for a release and also bring a Dorado back which we had prepped for some fresh Sashimi!  Great job amigos and great seeing you two!  Come back soon.  Rick Berry and his group went out fishing with Jesus and Jesus caught and released a Striped Marlin as well as 6 Dorado for the freezer.  Harry Collins and Lee Cesery had a blast fishing/catching with Captain Enrique on El Halcon, one of our 31′ Bertrams!  They landed 7 nice Dorado with him!  Great job!  Lastly, The Clarkes fishing aboard El Nuevo and Top Gun, our two 33′ boats caught a total of 7 Dorado for the day!

As the photos will show, we are continuing to have a lot of fun down here!  Happy clients, happy crew, not-so-happpy fish that are caught and happy released billfish!

Come down and hop on one of the boats to experience why we love what we do!  You won’t find a happier fleet in Cabo!  From the front office to youngsters that help us clean out boats daily, smiles all around, that’s the way the RedRum family loves to operate!

Come join the familia!


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