Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – November 17 – 23

This week must go down in the record books as one of the best this year – BY FAR!!! We had lots of boats go out and ALL boats caught fish this week!!! All – that is 100% folks! We had 4 days of the Los Cabos Charter Boat Classic tournament for 4 days this week, it is a new tournament that went from 2 days last year to 4 this year because of the success. And speaking of success our anglers were VERY successful during the tourney!! To get the complete rundown of all four days and what was caught – check out the website at

We started the week off with VERY generous RedRum client Greg Heppler and son Micheal Heppler fishing on 19’s Toy Monday. Greg had 3 boats booked when Odile hit and donated his entire $600 deposit, it was a HUGE help to all of us here in Cabo. When he booked again, he repaid his deposit. We tried to show our thanks by helping him hook up to lots of fish!! Captain Gaba and mate Noe helped them land 3 Stripe Marlin, which they released, 10 Yellowfin Tuna and a Dorado. Thanks guys for all of your support!! Ed Dunklee and pal Nathan Lembke fished 2 days with us aboard 2 separate boats, RedRum and then RumRunnin. In 2 days, they caught a Sailfish, 5 Striped Marlin (all billfish were released) 5 Dorado and 3 Yellowfin. Ed was so pleased with his visit and has fished with several other crews in Cabo, but says his experience with us has found him a home. We like to know we are home to a lot of our clients!! Welcome to the fold Ed! Have to mention Brandon Ray and Tammy Michaud aboard Never Give up on Monday caught a SPEARFISH!!!! 2nd one we have caught since I came to work her over three years ago, VERY rare Billfish catch!! Of course they released it along with 2 Stripe Malrin and they boated 4 Yellowfin Tuna.

Now, lets get down to business with how the Charter boat classic tourney ended up. We had quite a few winners this year!!! I will give you a run down of most of the folks that fished, can’t fit ’em all on here because we had more than 10 boats a day with different people, but I will highlight folks who sent in pictures and all the winners ๐Ÿ™‚ Team RHino David Braverman and his crew “Team Rhino” on Colleen’s had an awesome 3 days even though they did not have a winning fish. They caught 5 Stripe Marlin in all – which qualifies them for prizes because they were released, tons of Dorado – this is a nice one ๐Ÿ™‚ 5 Yellowfin Tuna and several Wahoo. Longtime RedRUm angler Joe Assenza and wife Karen along with some friends fished the tourney as well, caught lots of fish, but no winners this year, last year Joe won top Dorado… Can’t win ’em all though! The most exciting catch for them was when Karen pulled in a Sea Turtle – it was HUGE, she said!! Of course it was unharmed and went on its merry way ๐Ÿ™‚ Norm Young was back down and fished with us for 4 days as well. His crew caught a total of 3 Striped Marlin, a Blue Marlin, a Sailfish, 7 Yellowfin TUna, 5 Dorado and 2 Wahoo…… they lost a big Blue or Black Marlin everyday but one, now THAT is some good fishin’!! George Snyder and some buddies also did 4 days, caught 4 Marlin in total, one was a huge 300lb Blue, 7 Dorado 4 Wahoo – one of which was caught off Panga day 4 and was about 18lbs – was in 1st place for the tourney until the very end. He also caught 3 Roosterfish off the panga day 4. The Sweet Sweetwood fam was back with us this year. They caught a couple of Striped Marlin and around 11 Dorado fishing with us 3 days, they really have a good time fishing together!!Sweetwood Nathan Bailey and Greg Taylor started out on a Partner boat day 1, but were more than happy to move over to “ReelRum” for the rest of their days fishing. On ReelRum the fist day they caught 2 nice Dorado and released a striped Marlin one of those Dorado won Nathan 2nd place in the Dorado Category and $877.00 bucks!!nathan bailey nov 19 second place 20.7 dorado No idea what they caught day 3, but day 4 they released a Striped Marlin, Sailfish and boated 4 nice Yellowfin! They are up for prizes on the release of all their Billfish too!! As quoted from the Charter boat Classic website: “For Catherine and Jerry Parker of Bakersfield CA fishing aboard Tantrum their trip has become a dream vacation. Following Catherineโ€™s 24.3-pound winning dorado on day one Jerry catches a 24.6 pound winning dorado on day two giving the couple a gross over $3,500, Top Lady angler for Catherine on day one and a lifetime of memories”. Could not have happened to a nicer couple ๐Ÿ™‚jerry parker nov 19 first place 24.6 doradoparker Tracey Bellew and Brook Livingstone had an awesome 3 days with us again this year, just shy of the prize on their first day of fishing – by 7 minutes late to the scale, they had 11 Yellowfin, a 174 lber and a 100 lber. That did not slow them down day 2 when they took 2nd place (Day 3 of the TOurney) for a 117 lb Yellowfin. On Friday, they stayed a little closer and reeled in 6 Dorado and a couple of Wahoo. Great group of people!!brook livingston nov 20 second place tuna 117.2 Jeff Kling who fished with us last year during the TOurney on RedRum, gave it another go and caught 8 Dorado, a NICE 99″ Sailfish and released 2 Stripe Marlin. Stevan Meyes and his crew had quite a few nice days as well. Day 1 they caught 3 Dorado – releaed a few more, a Yellowfin and 2 Wahoo – day 2 was a Marlin type of day, they released 3! Day 3 was Sunday, a little slower for all of our boats, but still not bad!! They caught 3 small Yellowfin and released another Striped Marlin. Natalie Karnas and Jerry Cole fished with us on Friday, the last day of the tourney and caught again, the #1 Dorado that day onboard Tantrum! Captain Juan and Mate Humberto killed it this week in the Dorado category! Congrats Natalie and Gerry!!gerald cole jr. 20.4 dorado nov 21 Gabriel Calderon and crew fished Saturday and Sunday on El Nuevo caught a Sailfish and 3 Dorado Saturday, caught 3 Dorado and released 2 Striped Marlin on Sunday!!Jow Molinelli and Chris Ary also fished on Sunday and released 2 Striped Marlin, lastly we had Darin Wagner back with us and they had some luck with 8 small Yellowfin, all caught about the same time and they reeled in a nice Blue Marlin that was released.

The fishing does not get any better than this folks!! Ticket prices are low to come to Cabo right now, so what are you waiting for! Get your ticket booked today!!

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