Cabo San Lucas Fish Report November 22nd – 29th

Nov22-28FRThe Featured Image of the Week comes from Jeff Gregston who fished with us on Thanksgiving Day.  They fished with Captain Jorge aboard Top Gun and either Jillian, Jerica or Stephanie fought the Marlin at the other end of the line!  It captures first hand, what it looks like to watch someone land a fish!  FISH ON!!! Thank you Mr. Gregston for submitting your photo!

Sunday the 22nd of November starts the report and what a day it was!  The Cervenka party on TantRum landed 8 Dorado while the Ewings fished their 2nd day on El Nuevo this time landing a Striped Marlin, a Sailfish and a Dorado! Mark Coleman and his group headed out for another charter, this time fishing on Adrenaline.  They managed to limit out on Dorado and head in early!  Meanwhile, John Radde and his group fished on RumRunnin for a half-day charter and were able to bag 5 Dorado!  Justin Johnson and the Steiforts fished with Catptain Julio on Sniper and Caught & Released 3 Striped Marlin and added 6 more Dorado to the days tally!  Lastly, Mario Reyna, who I have known personally and professionally for over 20 years came in from McAllen to check things out at RedRum.  Coach Reyna, as I know him, fished on ReelRum along with his son “Little” Mario and Captain Ramon and Julian.  Coach was able to land 4 Dorado to the boat in a half-day of fishing.  Great seeing you guys and great work!  Coach, keep fighting the good fight for productive Physical and Health Education programs in the public schools, your role is more important than you know!  







(Coach Reyna, looking good in his RedRum hat after a day on the water with RedRum)

The next day seemed to be just as killer when it comes to the amount of Dorado the boats were finding!  Glen Kaiser and John Stewart fished on Peleado with Captain Roberto and slayed the Mahi!  They limited out early and went on to Catch & Release a Striped Marlin!  Great day!  The Clarke Family caught a pair of Dorado while fishing with Captain Alex on El Nuevo for the day.  Jim Brown and Lauren Schwarz fished with Gaba and Mate Noe on 19’s Toy for the day and landed 5 Dorado as well as “the ugliest fish” Lauren has ever seen!  It was a Rockfish Snapper according to Gaba!  No photo evidence!  Jason Perez and Steve Berkowitz fished on Top Gun and had an excellent time Catching & Releasing a nice Striped Marlin as well as boating 4 Dorado!  Meanwhile, Brian and Sandra Taylor brought their daughter (pictured below) along with them to fish with Humberto and Juan and Tantrum and they caught 4 Dorado just like the Hall/Duoto group fishing with Julio on Sniper and Keith Meier did while fishing with his buddy John Lyons on Rum Runnin!  The  FREEZERS ARE GETTING FULL!!!







Look at that smile!!

Redrum sent out 5 boats on Tuesday of which all  came back with fish!  Starting with captain Omar and Mate Oscar on RedRum, they fished with the Ludwigs and had a great day Releasing a Marlin and landing 3 Dorado.  The Hartnells fishing with Jesus/Jesus on RumRunnin Released 2 Marlin and worked a small school of porpoise to pick 3 Yellowfin Tuna up!  Todd Heslep and his party had an awesome day fishing with Captain Alex on El Nuevo, they released 2 Striped Marlin, released a Sailfish, boated gaffed 5 Dorado to the boat and picked up a Wahoo!!  What a trip!?! Bill and Courtney Toomey brought their 3 children along with them Hayes, Cali and Billy to fish with Gaba on 19’s Toy and had fun Catching & Releasing a Striped Marlin!

We had a full plate on the 25th with all of the RedRum boats heading out as well as Peleador, one of our partner boats!  They actually fished a half-day with the Magners.  Juan and Humberto fished with Harry Griswold on TantRum and Caught 5 Dorado just like the Dawson party fishing on Top Gun did.  The Karavangelos fishing on RedRum pulled 6 Dorado into the cooler and Caught & Released 2 Striped Marlin. The Hartnells fished their second day with Alex on El Nuevo and released a small Dorado before landing a nice one for dinner! Our frequent angler Gregg Lynch and his family came down to fish another day with us and had a great time catching 8 Dorado, releasing 4 of them and also landing a Wahoo to end their day and 5th time fishing with RedRum!  We love our loyal clients!  They come back for a reason…..

Thanksgiving Day Report:  No reports!!  We were too busy prepping our Cabo Thanksgiving! RedRum owners Ryan and Brooke Donovan make sure to show our local buddies how important and serious we take our Thanksgiving Day festivities and hosted a bunch of our friends over for an awesome Thanksgiving Meal!  We do want to thank the groups that fished with RedRum on their holiday including the Gregstons (featured picture), Mike Ludwig, Nicki Raines and his group, the Cravens, the McCombs and Greg Bailey whose son Christian celebrated his 6th birthday fishing on ReelRum.

Unfortunately bad weather closed the port for the following 2 days.  There was some foul weather pretty south of Cabo and the winds increased heavily.  Not wanting to take any risks the Port Captain made the decision to shut the port down and re-open it on Sunday.

Sunday was back to business as all the boats headed out, not knowing what the storm would bring them!  Usually after bad weather we see that fishing is either really hot or really slow.  Today seemed to be a good day as the storm evidentially pushed the Marlin within reach again!  Leading the pack were the Abrahams fishing on RedRum.  The boys on the 31′ Bertram were able to Release 3 Striped Marlin and land 6 Dorado.  3 more Striped Marlin were also Caught & Released by the Wolfes on Rum Runnin (including a double hook-up)!!  Captain Alex put the Fangman party onto a trio of Striped Marlin being able to release 2 of them as the other unfortunately got foul hooked in the stomach.  Colleens Magic and the Leblancs winded down the week Releasing a beautiful Blue Marlin and catching a few Bonitas to keep them busy!

As always RedRum highly promotes the release of all billfish caught on one of our boat and while billfishing in general.  They are beautiful in every aspect and need to be conserved!  There are plenty of good eating fish in the sea, which we also need to be careful how we fish for.  RedRum now officially tags fish and its a great opportunity to “become one with your fish”.  You can tag your catch, name it and track it when you get back home using the technology that Grays FishTag has provided.  We are excited to offer this to our anglers and being part of this research!  Ask how you can become part of this great program!

Stay tuned for next weeks report and stay updated on our Facebook page as well as on Instagram (RedRumSportfishing & RedRumCabo_Crew).

Gracias por leer y espero que tengas una semana increible!! Thanks for reading and I hope you have an awesome week!



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