Cabo San Lucas Fish Report November 30th – December 6th


The Featured Image of the Week is a collection of pictures taken of 8 year old Charlie Hodge.  Charlie, a RedRum Junior Angler, is shown aboard 19’s Toy with his Dorado, Wahoo and a Striped Marlin which he released on November 30th!  The photo that shows Charlie without a fish is what happens after a great day of fishing!  Siesta time on the way to the marina!!  

The Hodge party continued their successful day catching 6 other Dorado.  They ended their charter with 1 released Striped Marlin, 7 Dorado and a Wahoo.  The Blechingers fished aboard TantRum with Juan and Humberto and caught & released 4 Striped Marlin while the Odoms on ReelRum landed 3 Dorados.  Oscar and Ulyses had a great day fishing on RedRum with the Fangman Party.  The group was able to catch & release 2 Striped Marlin and land a half dozen Dorado for the freezer!  The Hicks fished El Nuevo and released an additional 3 Marlin and landed a Dorado as did Captain Chito with the Perry Group aboard Never Give Up! Not a bad way to start the week!

The 1st of December turned out to be a little slower of a day but none the less a fun day for RedRum anglers.  The Crumps came out victorious after landing a nearly 50″ Dorado while fishing with Jesus/Jesus on RumRunnin and The Perry’s were at it again fishing with Chito on Never Give Up catching and releasing another nice Striped Marlin!

After releasing 4 Marlin on their first day aboard TantRum the Blechingers were ready to catch some “table” fish!  It appears as Captain Juan was too and put them on 4 nice Dorado on their 2nd day fishing!  The Bucholz caught and released a Spearfish as well as 2 Dorado and 4 Yellowfin Tuna while fishing with Ramon and Julian aboard ReelRum while the Kaser party added an additional 4 Dorado to the overall bag!  

ReelRum and RedRum were the 2 boats to head out today and ReelRum returned with the Souders after catching and releasing a Striped Marlin.  While “Mike D” and his party had a great time with Omar and Oscar.  They caught a large Roosterfish early in the morning, released a Marlin before noon and landed more Dorado than they could handle!!

Friday was a little more active on the docks for the boys as all but 19’s Toy headed out!  RumRunnin continued their hot streak and caught 4 Dorado with the Jenkins group.  Captain Ramon released a Marlin with the Vetters on ReelRum while Juan and Humberto aboard TantRum caught & released a pair of Striped Marlin with the Baileys.  The Bailieys also landed a Dorado as did the Hardins fishing on RedRum before releasing a Striped Marlin with Captain Omar.

Rounding out the week Saurday and Sunday was all Dorado!  19’s Toy headed out with the Blanchard Group and landed 4 right off the bat!  Meanwhile the Fross Couple landed 1 as did the Clays while fishing on RumRunnin and TantRum.  Lastly the Jenkins pulled in a trio of Dorado to end their 1st day while fishing on ReelRum, they caught an additional pair on Sunday!


On Sunday, my long time amigo Traun Lynch and I decided to test our luck in locals tournament.  The “Cabenos” tournament hosted at least 60 boats during their 1 day tournament.  After game planning the night before we decided to go hunt down a big Dorado.  The average size we had been seeing throughout the week was 18-22 pounds so we thought if we could land anywhere above 22 pounds we’d be in the runnings.  We took out RedRum, our 31′ Bertram and Ulyses and Captain Omar were also registered anglers.  We headed up the Pacific and outran a majority of the boats in the tournament.  It wasn’t shortly after 10am when we landed what we thought might have a chance!  Unfortunately we came up a pound and a half short for a 5th place finish!  Great times!











The Month kicked off to a great start!  Still seeing heaps of Dorado as well as Marlin up and down the Pacific side!  Water temps are cooling down a little bit as is the Outside Temp.  It’s a beautiful time to head down to spend Christmas Vacation!!  Start planning!!

Let us know if you need help planning your next trip!

Tight Lines,


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