Cabo San Lucas Fish Report October 11th – October 17th

We call October our “peak season” for a reason!  This week was absolutely crazy and we only plan on things getting busier and more exciting!  With people coming in town to get ready for the next few tournaments the town is full of anglers from all over!  Our calendar is nearly 100% booked for the rest of the month and the action on the water is keeping clients happy and active!

We start this weeks report with Sunday, the 11th.

The Reinhardt Group fished their 3rd day with RedRum aboard 19’s today with Gaba but came up short on the fish!  Sorry about that guys, it was great meeting you and hosting you on the water for a few days!  Better luck next time, I promise!  Francis Lowell fished on Peleador and had a 2 Striped Marlin day, releasing one after he was able to raise it to the boat and “Mexican Releasing” the other as the leader was grabbed right near the side of the boat before they could bring her up for a view!  The Huffman Group of Kansa Feeds fished their 2nd of 3 days aboard El Nuevo and Captain Alex was able to Catch and Release a nice Striped Marlin for them.  Robert Seidler caught the currently elusive Dorado on his trip on Top Gun!  The Mahi have been hard to come by lately which insn’t very typical for this time of the year for us …. Thanks El Nino…. John Cameron and his buddies Sean, Jonathan, Jeffrey, Timothy and Ryan fished with the Jesus/Jesus combo and also managed to board a Dorado as well as Release a Sailfish aboard RumRunnin.  Closing out the day Captain Ramon and mate Julian came in with a Catch and Released Striped Marlin as well as another Dorado!  Maybe the Dorado fishing is picking up!????

Adrenaline and Captain Moro were the only ones to find a Dorado the following day while fishing with famed guitarist Jerry Cantrell and his friend Tony Sullivan.  They were also lucky enough to rock a Striped Marlin into the boat for a Catch and Release!  Thanks for always choosing RedRum to get you on the water Mr. Cantrell, rock on amigo!! Milton Nogueras caught a Striped Marlin while fishing aboard ReelRum and the Huffman Party fished their last day with El Nuevo and 2 Yellowfin Tuna and a Sailfish for a release!  Gaba and took out Richard Soileau and his party for an unforgettable trip on 19’s Toy!  They had a dream day; Catching & Releasing 1 Blue Marlin, 1 Striped Marlin and 2 Sailfish!!  Awesome work guys!

TUNA TUESDAY:  The Soileau Group kept their streak alive, limiting out on Yellowfin Tuna while fishing again with Gaba and 19’s Toy, Justin and Rebecca Stiefel fished with friends Steve and Rachel Bachman aboard 3rd Degree, our 54′ Navigator and had a great time Catching & Releasing 2 Striped Marlin and boating 8 Yellowfin!  Travis Peterson and his group of 6 buddies found the same school of Tuna that most others had fished and brought in another dozen Tuna while fishing on Top Gun. Nice day for Tuna!! Our loyal angler Anthony Ghio and his daughter fished aboard RumRunnin and were able to Release a Sailfish and brought in a small yellowfin as well!  Jeff Bergdoff fished with Alex and Charly on El Nuevo and ended their day with 3 Striped Marlin, all released!  Thanks for practicing solid conservation!  El Diablo, a big sister boat to Peleador took out the Saxton Party and caught a hefty 150# class Striped Marlin to round out the day.  

The 14th kicked-off the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, the first of 3 tournaments in October.  19’s Toy and Black Betty were the only 2 RedRum boats participating in the event but came up short as competition was tough, but our good friend Captain Luis Zumaeta and his team on Reel Energy did very well, congrats Capt. Luis!  While 19’s Toy and BB were out looking for the winner, it was business as usual for the other boats in the fleet!  Our friend and loyal buddy, Louie Pieracci reserved TantRum, Captain Juan and Mate Humberto for 3 days of fishing and started their first day off right!!  They were able to limit out on Yellowfin Tuna and Catch & Release a Striped Marlin on Day 1!  The Williams Party on ReelRum also limited out on YFT while Peleador and the Calliguiri Group caught and released 2 Striped Marlin.  The Taparruskas also caught and released a Striped Marlin and were able to boat a Dorado for dinner!

After coming up short on their first day with Omar and Oscar yesterday, the Cardozas made up for it on Day 2!  They were able to bring in 7 YFT and Catch and Release a Marlin!  The Pieracci group lost a Big Black Marlin on their 2nd day with Juan on TantRum but were still able to Catch and Release a Striped Marlin as well as a Sailfish; keeping their hot streak going!  Ginger and Ron Walters fished on RumRunin and caught a pair of Yellowfin Tuna while losing another one after a pretty good fight!  Melissa and Taylor Degeneres had a phenomenal day while fishing on our 35′ Cabo, Sniper.  They were able to Catch and Release 1 Striped Marlin and 2 Sailfish as well as add 4 Yellowfin Tuna and 3 Skipjacks to their bag!  Our long time buddy Eric Sorenson brought down his buddy Tom Johnson to show him the RedRum experience and tore it up on their day on Peleador, catching their limit of Yellowfin and releasing a Sailfish!  Jayson, Eric, William and Vincent Woods fished a half-day aboard ReelRum with Ramon and Julian and managed to Catch and Release 2 Striped Marlin during just 5 hours of fishing! Pretty impressive if you ask me!!

Friday was another busy day leading up to the Bisbees Offshore tournament tomorrow.  The Cardozas fished their final day with Omar and Oscar and ended with a Striped Marlin and a Sailfish Released!  The Zavell’s headed out on Top Gun and brought some “table” fish back to the Marina after landing 1 Dorado and 4 Yellowfin Tuna! Fellow TCU HORNED FROGS, Marissa and Kirk Kelly fished a half day with the Jesus/Jesus combo on Rum Runnin and managed to Catch and Release a pair of Striped Marlin!  

Saturday marked the 1st Day of the Bisbees Offshore (Bisbees Chico) Tournament and while most of the boats in our fleet fished the tournament, ReelRum and RumRunnin stayed behind to take care of business as usual!  Captain Ramon and ReelRum ended their day with 5 Striped Marlin Caught and Released while the Whatley Party were able to release a pair of Striped Marlin while fishing a half-day with RumRunnin!

A lot of excitement towards the end of the day came as the boys on Black Betty came in with a Yellowfin Tuna that looked promising enough to take a 1st place win in the Gamefish Category of the tournament.  RedRum owner, Ryan Donovan, Captain TJ Dobson, local mate Jerry Bribiesca and myself were able to wrestle a 153 lb. Yellowfin Tuna to the boats and to the scales.  As the anticipation mounted and the YFT was raised it was just short of the 167 lb. Yellowfin that weighed in just a few hours before!!  We had a great time and were blessed to represent RedRum!

Also much much appreciation and gratitude to the other 6 Teams that represented:

19’s Toy – Poco Loco

El Nuevo – Reel Destiny

Redrum – RedEye

Top Gun – Buddy Council

Sniper – Bandidos Del Pescado

Never Give Up – Loco Pescadores

Tomorrow is another day!  We will get back after it and see if one of us can take one to the scales again!!

Stay tuned,


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