Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – October 2

Last day of fishing for the Fountaine crew aboard RedRum, Jason caught a huge 118″ Striped Marlin which he released and they caught 5 more Dorado.

Jayne Lee and fam headed out on El Nuevo with Alex and Jesus for the day. They caught 2 nice sized Dorado and a 40lb Wahoo.

Jennifer and Jake Traughber headed out on RumRunnin for the day and caught Dorado.

Carl Spaeth and his crew boarded two of our 35′ cabos for the day, the Marlin Queen and Big Papi. I only got the fish report from one boat, but the MQ did great, catching 8 Dorado and releasing 2 Sailfish.

Randall and Michelle Jacob headed out on Tantrum for a full day, their first of two days, catching 6 Dorado.

The Lanes and the Sellers were out on partner boat Duetto for a full day with Cappy Abel. They had a great day catching 7 Dorado and releasing a huge 285lb Blue Marlin, Richard was stoked with his trophy catch.

Again, this report is light, because I left off a couple of boats, good news is nobody was skunked today!! If you would like to add your catch, please do!!


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