Cabo San Lucas Fish Report October 25th – November 1st

This week’s featured image:  The “S&P Group” from the Dallas & Houston, TX!  Sailfish above, Caught & Released.  The picture below is the photo taken from the scales, nice cow Tuna!!  

The fishing this week has been great and has been all over the board as far as species that were caught!  The Dorado came in droves mid-week and kept anglers busy and their stomach full, not to forget how full our freezers are with their catches!

Sunday was a decent day of fishing starting with TantRum.  Steve Hanson and Skip Cornett caught & released a Blue Marlin in the mid 250# class range and also pulled in a Yellowfin Tuna for dinner while fishing with Juan and Humberto.  Next, we had Donna and Chris Taylor fishing with Ramon on ReelRum.  They were able to catch & release a pair of nice Sailfish!  The Jesus/Jesus tag-team caught and released a Striped Marlin for George Gomez and family aboard RumRunnin.  Denton Anderson set sail with his group aboard Colleens Magic and caught & released a pair of Striped Marlin as well as boating 3 Yellowfin Tuna for dinner!  Gaba also caught a nice Yellowfin with the folks on 19’s Toy!

Things picked up a little bit for most of the boats on Monday but also brought some unfortunate strike outs for the folks fishing.  The Strongs fishing on RedRum stayed strong and caught & released a Striped Marlin while fishing with Oscar and Omar.  Our buddy Mike Loughrey had a great first of two days on the water with us! Day 1 brought 5 Yellowfin as well as a Dorado to the cooler and he was also able to add a catch & released Sailfish.  The Palmer Party, party of the “S&P Group” of this weeks featured image had their photo opportunistic day while fishing with Gaba on 19’s Toy.  The Yellowfin was well over 140# and that Sailfish was a beauty!  Great job guys!  Chito fished with the Jones’ and they caught & released a Striped Marlin and boated a nice Bull Dorado for the freezer!  El Diablo took out the Dusang party on their 2nd outing with RedRum and tore it up!  At days end they logged 2 Striped Marlin, 1 Pacific Sailfish (3 catch and releases) and 3 Grande Dorado!!  

Fishing continued to heat up on Tuesday with each boat left the slips this morning caught at least one fish!  The Kings fishing on Never Gibe Up caught & released 3 Striped Marlin and boated 6 Dorado!  They sure will be eating like kings for a while!  Great work.  Following them was the Caroline and Michael Small.  The couple was extremely excited to have caught and released a Striped Marlin.  Sniper had a solid Billfishing day while she caught & released 2 Striped Marlin and a Blue Marlin while hosting Leo Lobaito and his buddies Brian, Mike and Martin! Jacob Hasten took a group out aboard Adrenaline and they had fun fishing with Captain Moro keeping them busy bringing in 2 Striped Marlin for releases as well as 3 Dorado. Jamie Jones and the rest of the CCA Louisiana group fished their 2nd day with on on 19’s Toy and matched their Catch and Released Striped Marlin from yesterday!  Captain Ramon and Mate Julio headed out with Alex Sanchez and James Thedford.  The ReelRum crew was able to set a nice Striped Marlin hook-up and brought up to the boat for a few pictures and release!

Humpday: The Group of the Day Award goes to our good buddy Cabo Mike and his group that came in for an 8 boat private tournament!  The boys had a great day fishing with Charly and Alex aboard El Nuevo!  They were able to haul in 4 nice Dorado, 1 Wahoo and released a Sailfish and a Striped Marlin.  The Gaar Party were a close second or a possible tie for Group of the Day while fishing with Oscar and Omar for a 1/2 day trip!  In only a 5 hour tour the couple was able to catch and release 2 Sailfish and 2 Stripe Marlin.  The couple also released a “peanut” Dorado (tiny).  Captain Gaba and first Mate Noe had a killer day knocking out a half dozen Dorado and releasing a Striped Marlin.  He fished with US veteran John Garland and his group of Garlands! Chad and Kristie Weaver fished with their friends Jackie and Dave Kopsa and they  added to the Dorado catch by bringing in a limited bag while fishing with Juan and Humberto aboard TantRum.  Chito took care of anglers Chad and Mike Lundbland as well as Heath and Webb Hoverton aboard Never Give Up.  The boat raised over 6 Marlin but were able to land only 1 Striped for a catch & release and also landed a nice Dorado to end their aboard the 35′ Cabo.  Louis Pellegrin fished on Top Gun and Captain Julio was able to land him a beautiful Sailfish for a successful catch & release!  Blake Anderson and Jeremiah Jones fished on Peleador, one of our 28′ boats and caught & released 2 Striped Marlin,  landed 2 Wahoo and 4 Dorado.

Thursday – “Dia de Los Dorados”We start with Mace Cohen fishing aboard Sniper his group caught 5 Dorado, released a Sailfish and a Striped Marlin.  Jeff and Jamie Byrd a half day with Alex and Charly on El Nuevo and in only 5 hours hauled in 2 big Dorados and released Striped Marlin, 5 hours!!!  Unreal… Oscar and Omar were at it again on RedRum fishing with Mark Tucker and his group of buddies.  They finished their day with 5 Dorado.  The Schamber Party of 6 fished with Team Jesus/Jesus on our 32′ Crystaliner, RumRunnin and filled their cooler and half of my freezer with the Dorado they landed!  They caught a total of 7 Dorado but the size and amount of meat they yielded was enough to feed a small village!  Oh, I forgot to mention, they also caught & released 3 Striped Marlin!!  After I told Mr. Adomitis that his chances of catching Yellowfin were slim and that he had a better chance of targeting Dorado while fishing on Peleador, he proved me wrong!  As he walked into the office I asked him ” how many Dorado did you guys catch” and he laughed at me and simply asked where he could place his trash bag filled with Yellowfin Tuna filets!!!  Stud.  Our awesome group of Texans, The Marczaks fished the first of their 3 days aboard Top Gun and although they fell short of landing a big Billfish they sure caught plenty of Dorado with the boys!  ReelRum added to the Dia de los Dorados theme with an additional 4 Dorado and releasing a Striped Marlin.  Scott Helin and his party slayed the Dorado as well, adding another group limit while releasing a Marlin in between having a Quintuple hookup!  Yes, thats right… all 5 lines went off at one time!

A half-dozen Dorado lost quick battles agains the Vanderburgers that fished on TantRum with Juan and Humberto.  Peleador, Top Gun and RedRum added an additional 4 Dorado to the days count.  Captain Roberto on Peleador fished with Mr. Elleson and his buddy while the Marczaks continued their slaying aboard Top Gun and our great buddy Larry Scewchuk fished with his buddies Oscar and Omar on RedRum!  Reel Rum and Captain Ramon caught a Dorado an released a Sailfish while the Torres Couple from Texas caught and released a pair of Striped Marlin and bringing 2 Dorado into the cooler! Richard Aubuchon fished on El Nuevo with his buddy Mike Laughrey and had a blast catching and releasing 1 Striped Marlin, 1 Sailfish and boating 4 Dorado to end their day with Alex and Charly!  Long time RedRum angler and a close member of the RedRum family, Kent Somer fished with his buddies Gaba and Noe and lit up the Dorado, landing 3 by days end.  Kent also caught and released a Striped Marlin!

The Marczaks wrapped up their 3 days on Top Gun, catching (yepp) Dorado!  They were able to land 4 monsters.  Apparently the largest one that they had on the line was turned into a meal and eaten by “Pancho” the Sea Lion before they were able to get it to the boat!  Clint Mokelky and Carl Hughes (a shared charter) fished together aboard ReelRum and partook in a gran day catching and releasing 1 Striped Marlin and 1 Sailfish.  Clint was also able to land a Dorado!  Gary Weishaup and Dan Scantron fished on TantRum and headed up the Pacific where they landed 3 Dorado, 2 Bull Dorado amd one female.  Oscar was able to land a Sailfish for Robert Gleyre and his buddies while fishing aboard RedRum.  We are lucky enough to host a CCA (Coastal Conservation Association) group for a couple of days of fishing on 19’s Toy, The Bents landed 4 Dorado on their first outing with Gaba on 19’s Toy.  They head out tomorrow for their 2nd trip and will hopefully add to the freezer as well as find them a billfish!!  The Mickan Trio, another group from CCA – Houston Chapter fished their first day aboard El Nuevo and were able to release a Sailfish and a Striped Marln!  

We started off November with a bang as far as fishing goes!  19’s Toy stayed behind for a little extra TLC for the upcoming WON Tuna Tournament.  While she was being pampered the other boats were out taking care of business!  Captain Juan and mate Chrisitan on Tantrum fished with Mr. and Mrs. Mount for a half-day charter and caught 4 Dorado.  Juan told me they were all “super grande” but we all know fisherman and their tales!!  The filets that were vacuum sealed and thrown into our freezer were some of the larger ones that I’ve come across this week though!  Mr. Williams fished the first of his 2 days on ReelRum with his buddy Captain Ramon.  The group had a decent sized Blue Marlin on the line for a good 30 minutes but the allusive billfish got himself off the hook before the boys could get it to the boat!  Luckily, Captain Ramon made up for it by landing him 4 Dorado!  Our good friend and family Randy Wren came a little early before participating in the upcoming Tuna Tournament and fished with his wife and son.  The Wrens will only fish with Oscar and Omar on RedRum and they had a blast today!  Chef Oscar made an appearance while onboard as he prepped a batch of his special ceviche straight off of one of the 4 Dorado they boated!  Oscar admitted it may have been one of his best batches ever!  The Iversons fished with Team Jesus/Jesus on RumRUnnin and had a heck of a time landing big dorado and releasing a !25#+ Striped Marlin!  The Mickan Brothers along with sidekick Dan Church fished their final day on El Nuevo and caught another Marlin, released it, which gave each one of them a billfish to brag about when heading back to Texas.  They were also able to boat 3 Dorado!  Some good eating for back home!  Lastly, we sent out a panga this morning and after only 2 hours of fishing, the Grady’s called it quits!  For good reason, as the only reason they headed out on a panga was “to catch dinner” they had 3 Dorado, 5 hook ups only minutes after passing The Arch!  Great job guys!!  

Now that we are seeing Dorado back in our area it’s a good sign that things are going to really start picking up now!  The Western Outdoor News Tuna Jackpot Tournament starts on Thursday so keep your eyes out and cheer on the more than 15 Team that will be representing RedRum this year!

Stay updated via our Facebook page or either one of our Instagram accounts: @RedRumSportfishing & @RedRumCabo_Crew on the progress of tournaments and the everyday action down in Cabo!

If you aren’t booked or planning on booking soon, you better start!





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