Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – October 5

Again the Finnegan crew was back at it, this time aboard 3 boats, RedRum, Tantrum and RumRunnin. I only got a report on 3 of the boats, but it looks like they had another great day catching a boatload of Dorado, 2 Tuna and releasing a Striped Marlin.

Jeff Beliveau fished solo aboard ReelRum for the day. He had a great day, catching a Wahoo, 11 Dorado of which he released 9 and releasing a sailfish.

The Brummetts fished on El Nuevo with Alex and Jesus. They had a good day, releasing a Stripe Marlin and catching 5 Dorado.

William Schendel and his crew were out on Big Papi for the day, caught 7 Dorado and released 2 Striped Marlin.

Bob Barga and Tim Harden were aboard partner boat cabo Chica and caught 3 Dorado and released a Striped Marlin.

Benito Dougler and his crew were on partner boat Angelina with captain Felipe. They caught 2 huge Dorado.

Scott Whelpley and buddy Adam fished aboard partner boat Fish Tales and had a great day releasing a marlin and catching 11 Dorado, most of which they released.

Bob Machale and Kenny Ketchum had a great first day on the water fishing on partner boat Miranda. They caught 8 Dorado and released a Sailfish.

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