Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – October is winding down……Hello Novemeber!!

Hi all! I don’t know if you guys have been following along, but RedRum boats have not had a whole lotta luck so far in the Tourneys so far this year. 19’s Toy with Captain Gaba and angler Steve Spina did catch the winning Tuna in the Jackpot for the Little Bisbee with his massive Yellowfin weighing in at 314 lbs. Other than that, the Bisbee Black and Blue only had 3 Marlin weighed in during the entire tournament, two of which did not make weight, so one lone 465lb Blue Marlin took it ALL in the Bisbee. Kind of a slow year this year!

Next up was the Trip Advisor Black & Green charity Tournament. These guys had a lot of fun and we sure do love having them around! Mara’s Team took forst place on our very own RedRum with Captain Omar and Mate Americo. Reel Cowboys placed second and Beer Thirty rounded out the standings. Great job guys and thanks for all you do for the kids in Cabo!

As my hours have been shortened a little due to the rapidly approaching due date of my lil bambino, I don’t get to hear about all the catches of our wonderful customers, but I will hit some highlights of the ones that were catching this week.

We have still been catching a lot of Dorado on the Pacific side, we have had some luck out on the sea of cortez, stocking up on sardines before heading over there and targeting Yellowfin.

Louis Pieracci and his clan fished for three days the last week of October and caught a total of 28 Dorado, released 8 and Thursday caught a nice sized Sailfish. They fished on Tantrum two days, RedRum one. Great job!

Danny Wesson and his friends boarded El Nuevo RedRum for two days and caught a total of 22 Dorado.

Dave Pirie, a long-time veteran with RedRum caught his limit of Dorado by 9.30 AM and also scored a huge Blue Marlin as well.

Ron and Joan Conrad fished for two days aboard RumRunnin and caught 6 Dorado and a Sailfish.

Cory Finley and his crew had a great day aboard the Marlin Queen when they fished, picked up 8 Dorado, a Wahoo and 2 Sailfish.

Ralph Garcia also had a great day catching & releasing 2 Striped Marlin aboard Tantrum, they also got a Dorado for dinner.

I want to mention the Oge boys because someone else asked how they did, I know for sure they caught Dorado, but I have their catch list blank, so that is about all I can say about them…. if they see this, update me, please!!

Donald and Adrian Fielder fished for a couple of days and caught 2 big Dorado day one and day two caught 8 Dorado and a 140lb Striped MArlin which was released.

Eric Vauter also released a Striped Marlin and caught 7 Dorado aboard RumRunnin earlier in the week.

Richard Weyer and his family and friends had a two day trip planned and caught plenty of Dorado.

Jarad Crippin and the Crippin crew boarded our 35′ cabos for two days of fishing caught lots of Dorado and released several Striped Marlin.

Mike Roberts and his sons wanted to try a second day out on one of our Super PAngas for Roosterfish. Even though it is not the best time for Rooster, they still managed to catch 3! They also caught 3 more Dorado. Great job guys!!

John Snyder and his crew were out on ReelRum for the day. They caught 9 Dorado and John caught his bucket list fish a Sailfish, which he is having trophied up to hang at home.

Now, those are about all the stats I have guys, so if you were missed, I apologize for the oversight, but post your catches in the comments, or send some pictures, even better!!

Until next time,



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