Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Sept 17&18

This morning, we had a wedding party come in to fish aboard two different boats. Brian Rhodes, the groom, along with more Rhodes’ – Paul & Paul, Ray, Tim, Andrew, Erin, Emmerson, Chris Robinson, Brandon Henry, Patrick & Pat Young. These guys fished aboard El Nuevo Redrum and RumRunnin and caught had an amazing day, with the guys on Nuevo catching a 180lb Blue Marlin, 2 Striped Marlin, 7 Dorado and a Bonita. The guys on RumRunnin also caught a Blue Marlin and 10 Dorado. Congrats to Brian and his new wife!

Jim Hansen and Robert Maas headed out on Tantrum for the day with Manuel and Edgar. They had a good day, each catching a Striped Marlin, Jim’s being the biggest and Robert’s being his FIRST! They also caught 2 Dorado.

Alex Simovich and Carla Affeld were out on ReelRum for the day with Ramon and Juan. They had an extraordinary day catching and releasing a Sailfish and TWO Striped Marlin, 4 Dorado and 1 Yellowfin.

Bachelor Jeremy Evans and his buddy opted for another day and boarded partner boat Fish Tales. They had a good day catching a Sailfish, a Tuna and 5 Dorado.

The Johnston’s, David and the Eugene’s headed out on RedRum for their first of three days Monday. They started off with a 250 lb Blue Marlin catch witch took Gene III about 30 minutes to reel in. Gene caught a 150 lb Striped Marlin, great start for these gentlemen. Tuesday, they caught some eatin’ fish, 5 Dorado.

Paul and Jeremy Smith along with Cliff Hardison, Rick Cesak, William Storie and Alan Johnston headed out on Nuevo for their first of 2 days fishing and had a good first day, catching 8 Dorado.

Ryan and Richard Ban along with buddy Eric were out on Tantrum with Manuel and Edgar and caught 4 Dorado, one of which was a nice 35lbs.

Buddies, Matt, Luis, Michael and Robert headed out on the Marlin Queen for a full day of fishing. They had fun with Mike catching a 130lb Striped Marlin. They also boated 4 more nice sized Dorado.

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